Skyrim : where to find the armor ?

Skyrim : where to find the armor ?

Skyrim many users have been waiting a long time and look.This is the fifth part of the series The Elder Scrolls, which has an excellent graphics and easy to use interface.In addition to the standard features of RPG games, you create a history of your character, fighting with all sorts of creatures.In order to minimize the damage in the battles, you need protection - armor, helmet, gloves.And so the question arises in Skyrim players - where to find the armor?

In this game, there are several ways to obtain uniforms:

  1. Make yourself.You can extract iron ore and forge their own protection itself.To do this, you will need to develop the skill of blacksmithing, and to collect the necessary attributes.
  2. Steal.You can even steal another player, having caught his armor, but then you have to go into hiding for a long time, and the hunt will be announced to you.
  3. Find.Going through various quests, you can get the necessary ingredients to create armor and make them.Some artifacts can be found in the bags and
  4. Looting.You can pull off with body armor enemy defeated you.
  5. ordered.There is a huge mass of cheat codes that can be entered by pressing the 'tilde' (letter E).Knowing armor and cheat code, you can easily imagine it to provide the desired ID.
  6. Buy.Earning money, you can buy armor from the merchant in the shop or blacksmith.

Since the game came out recently, accumulated a lot of questions from members skyrim: where to find armor, how to get this or that material to them and how to do it the easiest way.

outfit leather dragon

For those playing skyrim, where to find the dragon's armor - a very important issue.

  • scaly armor.Light Armor chest, weighs 10 units with armor level 41. You can buy armor for 1500 gold or make the most of the three pieces of leather, four dragon scales and two iron bars.The helmet can be found in the Cave Tolvalda if well poroetsya falmerskih in one of the chests.
  • Brigandine armor.This heavy armor with a weight of 40 and 42 armor, and they cost 2125 gold.Make them can be of three pieces of leather, three dragon scales and two dragon bones.

You can also enter the cheat codes to get this outfit.To do this, press the tilde and enter:

Heavy dragon armor Brigandine

  • Gloves: player.additem 00013967 1 (note that the figure at the end - this is the amount of what you order).
  • Boots: player.additem 00013965 1.
  • Armor: player.additem 00013966 1.
  • Shield: player.additem 00013969 1.
  • Slam: player.additem 00013969 1.

Light dragon's scaly armor

  • Slam: player.additem 00013940 1.
  • Armor: player.additem 0001393E 1.
  • Gloves: player.additem 0001393F 1.
  • Shield: player.additem 00013941 1.
  • Boots: player.additem 0001393D 1.

Nightingale armor

These high-level armor have a good performance, despite the lightness.They are very popular Skyrim players.Where to find the nightingale armor or how to get it?The answer is in the thieves guild.After completing the quest Trinity Restored with a series of tasks, you get 4 armor fragment:

  • Armor.+ 20-40 to stamina and frost resistance to + 15-50%.Find nightingale armor can have Carl.
  • helmet.- 12-17% of the cost of Illusion spells.
  • Shoes.Volume of movement decreases.
  • gloves.+ 15-25% to cracking locks and attacks with a one-handed weapon.

Or enter the following cheats:

  • hood (helmet): player.additem 000FCC12.
  • Armor: player.additem 000FCC0F.
  • Gloves: player.additem 000FCC11.
  • Boots: player.additem 000FCC0D.

you may stumble upon one of these artifacts casually in bags or chests, but where to find them exactly, is unknown.The chances of finding a good armor increase with your level.When there are more than 30 valuable artifacts.