Not only virtual memory : what to do ?

Not only virtual memory : what to do ?

RAM has always been one of the most expensive and most sought after components of a personal computer.Among operating systems, the mechanism has been developed for a long time, how to use the hard disk space for data from memory.In fact, this is a very simple process.In the case where the system is too low virtual memory, the unused data starts to be discharged to the hard disk in a special file.On the drive this file is called the pagefile.sys.The size of this file is exactly the same as the size of virtual memory.

When the system is released too little virtual memory when you run many programs, or when opening a variety of different files, the user gets a nasty message about the insufficient amount of virtual memory.So, a little virtual memory, what to do, how to help your computer?The answer is simple - the size of the virtual memory you just need to increase, and to do so by virtue of each user.To do this, you need to manually increase the pagefile.


virtual memory Important!Before

you extend the paging file (virtual memory increase) is necessary to save all open files and applications, and to finalize them.

To increase the virtual memory is necessary to press "Start" button, then enter the item entitled "Control Panel", which select the next item -. "System and Maintenance"The need to select "System" link to the open window.It should specify the "Advanced System Settings", and then go to the "Advanced" tab in the dialog box, where in the "Performance" section, click "Settings".After these actions you'll get a group of "virtual memory".In it you need to click on the "Change" button and remove the checkmark in the "Automatically manage paging file size."

Upon completion of these actions, you will need to set the disk swap file and other required size of the file.This command must be confirmed by pressing the "Set", and then click "OK" and, thus, save all changes.

If it does after you restart your computer, you will again receive the message "Not enough virtual memory", then again increase its size.In this case, there will be nothing to worry about.After completing this process, a problem such as a small virtual memory, will not bother you.

However, if the computer's virtual memory, there is one important point, which is sure to be taken into account.The fact that the increase in virtual memory is able to greatly reduce the speed of the programs and background processes.This situation is directly related to the long period of time, which is required to read from the hard disk the required information.

If you are using a solid-state drive (SSD), the paging file is not recommended, because in this case reduced the lifetime of your wild.But in most cases, after increasing virtual memory, the computer continues to work well.Therefore, a problem, a little virtual memory of windows, easily solved!