How to calculate the insurance period ?

How to calculate the insurance period ?

Each officially registered employee shall receive the insurance period.Unfortunately, the details of such a procedure knows a very small number of people.Despite the fact that there is a law, which defines all the terms and payment.But many workers are amenable to cheat and do not receive the full amount.Therefore, in this article, we will analyze in detail the question of how to calculate the insurance period.

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To begin to give basic information about the procedure.So, there is a law "On Compulsory State Social Unemployment Insurance".It is intended to clearly define the payment of insurance in the period during which the employee is subject to insurance in case of unemployment.During this period, the employer is obliged to pay the monthly amount of the minimum premium.

Talking about how to count the insurance period, it should be noted that the calculated length of service starting from 1 January 2001 year.To do this, there is the State Register of compulsory state social

insurance, which has full information about each insured person.

Types of work and periods that are included in the insurance period

Consider some of the numbers frmiruetsya directly to the final amount of insurance.

  • periods of operation of any activity on the territory of the country, if at this time a citizen of the premium paid.
  • periods of operation of any activity on the territory of the other country under international treaties and thus made the payment of insurance premiums.
  • periods of work in the public service and military service.
  • period of temporary incapacity for which were given social security benefits.
  • periods of care for the child of a parent to the moment when the child is one and a half years.In certain cases, the duration of this period can be delayed until the age when the child turns 3 years.
  • periods in which unemployment benefits were issued.
  • period in which the person was involved in public works, which were paid.
  • moving Periods person to another place of employment, in the direction of the State employment service.
  • periods, keeping a person in custody, serving a sentence in prison, without a justified reason.
  • period in which the person defied repression and rehabilitation, without a justified reason.
  • periods, care employable person for the person who has turned 80 years old.
  • periods, able-bodied person care for a disabled group I or a child - invalid.
  • periods in which spouses of military persons working under contract, could not find a job, no more than five years.


So, the insurance period is calculated for each month.If a person for a certain monthly payment made is less than the minimum premium, this time enrolling in the insurance period.Calculations are made according to the formula: TA = St: In which:

  • TP - the duration of a period which is credited to the insurance period.It is determined in months.
  • St. - the amount that included the face of social insurance in any given month.
  • B - minimum premium that the insured person is required to pay each month.

So now you are aware of what is considered the insurance period and on its basic conditions, which are often overlooked insured persons.Remember that you should immediately find out all the information about this procedure, the representative of the state of the insurance service, so then do not have any misunderstandings.

In addition, it is necessary to view the laws that require similar mandatory payments.And, of course, keep an eye on how those laws are changed, and what supplements they appear over time.