As the old-age pension calculated ?

As the old-age pension calculated ?

Old-age pension - a cash payment, regularly paid to persons of a certain age who have seniority.Let's find out how old-age pension is calculated.


old-age pension is assigned to men who have reached sixty years of age and women who have reached fifty years.It may be administered and a pension on preferential basis, with the retirement age may be lowered.

That's grounds for such a pension:

  • Medical and biological signs (women who have given birth to five or more children, mothers who are raising disabled children, invalids of the first group of visually impaired)
  • Special working conditions (heavy working conditions - fiveyears less work in jobs with hazardous working conditions and in hot shops - ten years earlier)
  • Regional factors (citizens who have worked in the Far North).

Experience Work experience must be twenty-five years for men, and twenty years for women.If part-time work experience, so must be observed total length of service - not less than five years.

In addition, the length of service is counted:

  • Care mother of a child up to three years
  • Military
  • Caring for a disabled child under the age of sixteen years
  • Care invalid of the first group
  • care for the elderly, withsubject to the need ongoing care (requires the conclusion of the medical institution)
  • finding period on disability due to the received industrial injury or occupational disease.

As accrued pension

pension is set at fifty-five per cent of the average wage, in addition, added one percent for each year a total experience that exceeds required.The minimum pension is set at the level of the minimum wage.About the components of the pension can be found in the article - What is the pension.

pension with incomplete seniority accrued in proportion to the existing seniority.It can not be lower than the social pension.

learn more about the pensionable possible from our article - How to calculate the pension.

How to get

pension To receive a pension, you must apply to the authority of the pension fund on a residence.

also required:

  • passport
  • Workbook
  • Certificate of residence
  • Certificate of average monthly income for sixty consecutive months
  • documents that confirm the presence of disabled members of the family
  • If you changed the name, patronymic, or nameneeded documents that confirm the new data.

may be required and other documents, which prompts the body of the pension fund.Details can be found in the article on the design of the pension - How to draw a pension.