What is a computer ?

What is a computer ?

The modern world can not be imagined without a computer.It provides invaluable help in the work, and helps to diversify leisure.And, after all, let's understand why you need a computer.

Definition and types

computer to find out what computer.The concept is generalized.It includes all the computer equipment.Answering the question of what makes a computer, you need to give the definition of a computer.Computer - a system or device that performs a well-defined, predetermined sequence of operations.Divided on computer equipment: stationary and portable PCs.

Stationary PC, in turn, are divided into:

  • desktops;
  • nettops;
  • candy bars.

Laptop PCs are divided into:

  • laptops;
  • netbooks;
  • plates;
  • tablet netbooks;
  • PDA.

In recent years, portable devices have become the most common tablets and tablet netbooks.

Therefore, once you need to answer a few questions:

  • What is a Tablet PC?It is kind of a mobile personal computer, which is an intermediary between a laptop and a PDA.
  • What tablet netbook?It is a hybrid and conventional tablet netbook.That is, you can connect a keyboard.


PC What is in your computer:

  • system unit, which consists of several components;
  • monitor or computer screen;
  • keyboard and mouse;
  • additional devices.

System unit contains all the technical component of a personal computer.It may be a different size (form factor):

  • minitower - small;
  • miditower - average;
  • bigtower - large.

main components of the system unit:

  • processor;
  • motherboard;
  • Winchester;
  • RAM;
  • card;
  • sound card;
  • network card, etc.
  • computer brain is the processor.All computing operations it performs exactly.The main cost of the computer falls to his lot.
  • The motherboard can be called the nervous system of your computer.It connects all the components in the system unit.
  • Memory, which we use to store their own data, is called a hard drive or hard drive.It saved our photos, music, movies, documents and other important information for us.
  • own computer memory is RAM.The processor can it itself is something to write, something removed, independently of us.

monitor is responsible for the information to be displayed on the screen and the user is able to see her.Keyboard and mouse.With their help input data into the computer.

What is the computer

When you understand how much can a computer inevitably ask yourself how people could do without it.So, the computer needed:

first.For hobbies and work:

  • work with office programs, Word, Excel, etc.
  • photo editing
  • making music
  • design, construction, drawing
  • creation of sites
  • work and earnings in the Internet
  • creating images and graphics
  • creation of articles, books and notes
  • video creation and editing it
  • the creation of programs
  • committing various calculations.

second.To find information on the Internet:

  • books, essays, articles
  • reference books, dictionaries
  • music, movies
  • and much more.

third.For training:

  • online trainings and seminars (webinars)
  • distance education
  • self-education and self-improvement

fourth.For storing information:

  • archive of recipes, programs, books, etc.
  • home archive with video and photos..

fifth.For entertainment and leisure:

  • play games
  • read books
  • watch movies and TV shows
  • listen to music

sixth.To communicate:

  • correspondence via e-mail
  • communication via Skype
  • communication in different social networks and forums
  • diary

seventh.To make payments:

  • payment mobile payment
  • tax payment
  • payment service provider of public services
  • many other payment services

eighth.In order to make purchases over the Internet:

  • furniture and equipment
  • cosmetics and medicines
  • shoes and clothing
  • tickets
  • food and much more.

We have tried to talk in simple terms about the computer technology, that why it is needed in the modern world, and that is part of the computer.