What are the visa ?

What are the visa ?

a visa regime between Russia and other countries of the world.Visa - permission that you want to visit a particular country, regardless of the purpose of the trip.Be aware that a visa is required not only to visit the country, but also to cross it in transit.

The main types of visas

At first glance it may seem that easy to find out in what have visas: tourist, business and guest.But not all so simple, types of visas are actually several more also varies the list of documents to be submitted to obtain the desired visa.

Today visa can be divided into several types: a short-term and long-term visa - for the duration of the trip, as well as multivisa;Intended - tourist, guest, working;visa "upon arrival" and a transit visa.It is important to know that every visa has its own code, for example, 001 or 002, as well as the list of required documents to obtain.

Short-term and long-term visas

These are the visas, which differ in the length of stay in the country.If the short-term visa entitles often o

n a one-time entry into the country with a predetermined purpose, the long-term visa allows visitors to stay in the country within a specified longer period.Short-term visa - this is, basically, tourist, business and transit visas and long-term - students and workers.

Multivisa (or multiple visa) allows to visit the country with a certain periodicity, an example would be the need to travel to one country on a quarterly basis for negotiations with business partners.It is important to know that having multivisa, people can not stay in an amount in the country, for example, more than three months for one year.

Visas for

In order to know how to open a visa, you must define the purpose of the trip to the desired country.

  • If you want to go to work, you need to open a work visa.But it is important to know that for the registration of the working visa required documents provided by mercenary.In addition, a foreign company that is going to employ a foreigner, must have permission of their government.The term of this type of visa can vary, but it is relatively long.
  • Business visa is issued at the request of the person as the party who invites to himself.The purpose of the trip on a business visa can only be a solution or help in solving a variety of business issues, but does not work or study in the country visited.These visas can be single, double or multiple, and multivisa.
  • Among visas, designed to work abroad, you can also select the journalist visa.It is necessary not at all, but in some countries, namely journalism: Cuba, Iran, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and the United States (I-visa).

learning Visa

Analyzing what are visa, it is necessary to allocate a visa designed for training in another country, or a student visa.In order to obtain a student visa, you must provide not only the personal documents and an invitation to a university education, where the person is going to learn, but also to show proof that it is possible to pay for the training.

This may be a personal bank account, where there is necessary to pay the amount, as well as data of the sponsor or fund that will pay for the training.It is important to know that not all states allow foreign students to work in the country.And if you want to study in Algeria, it does not need to be formalized student and tourist visas.

Visa for leisure travel

Everyone needs to know how to do a visa to travel to the country, whose aim is to travel and tourism.This visa is called - Tourist.Length of stay in the country with a visa at an average of 2-3 weeks, most often it is a one-time entry into the country.

This visa does not entitle a long stay in the country, as well as employment opportunities.For short-term work while traveling there is a visa for a free work, which often uses young people for seasonal or short-term work during the holidays.

Visas for important guests of the country

There is also a diplomatic or official visa, which is issued to holders of diplomatic passports.For special, important guests of the country that do not have diplomatic status, there is a courtesy visa, which also requires a special and courteous treatment of its owners.


visa is necessary to know how to make a visa in order to engage with the citizen of another country on its territory?For this purpose there is a visa wedding.It has its limitations in time - is issued for the period of preparation for the wedding.Next, you need to register for future spousal visa in the country.Also married a visa is necessary for the family to the second half of the citizen of the country could live there.

Schengen visa

This visa is valid on the territory of 26 countries that have signed a special contract.With a Schengen visa, you can freely cross the borders of these countries for travel and tourism.

Other types

  • visa Immigrant visa is issued once a man who wants to leave the country.In subsequent times will need to obtain a certificate of the resident, which will allow multiple entry to the desired country.
  • special category visa is also called the Australian visa.It is given to the future residents of New Zealand when entering the country.
  • transit visa is issued for the intersection of a country for a short period, an average of three days.In some countries, you must have a transit visa even if the plane lands at the airport for refueling, and the passenger does not leave the plane.Transit visas can be single and double.