What is a computer virus?

What is a computer virus?

first computer virus appeared in the late twentieth century.Initially, computer development was purely exploratory in nature.Soon, however, with the help and illegal actions were committed virus programs (such as identity theft, access to confidential information, and so on. N.).It is worth noting that in many countries for computer crimes (including creation / distribution of viruses) criminalized.

What is a computer virus

computer virus - a malicious program aimed at the violation of computer processes, damage or delete files, as well as blocking the user.The virus is able to replicate independently and implemented in the codes of other programs and system memory.Today there are more than fifty virus software.

General classification of malware

network worm

The main feature of this type is an independent dissemination of local grid or via the Internet.The main way of introduction to the computer -.. E-mail, social networks, shared resources, for the exchange of messaging services, etc.

In addition, the virus is able to send her a copy of other users on your behalf.Members will receive a message asking you to click on a link.

Trojan (trojan)

The most common objective of the malicious program - for users of surveillance and communication to third parties of the data of interest.(For example, visits to websites. In addition, the program is able to "remember" typed on the keyboard combination that may result due to the theft of passwords and so on. N.).

Trojan also can upload / download files, damage or even delete data from your computer, interfere with the user.

Like a worm, a Trojan is able to collect the addresses and send a copy to other users.Moreover, the program is able to distribute other types of viruses.

Advertising software

This type of malicious program shows the user advertising forcibly.The virus can manifest itself in the form of a jump to another page or in a pop-up window advertising / banner.

often advertising program used by the application, through which the virus collects the necessary information (passwords, credit card numbers, addresses).Such an application is called a "spy".

Another variety of additional applications is a malicious program called "blocker".This virus works, for example, when you have moved to a junk page.In this case, user access is blocked by the operating system as long as it does not enter the mobile phone number or other requested information.The window can be a text message with the threat of removing all data from your computer.

Another type of application - a "zombie".With the optional attacker gains access to your computer.In this case, it is possible to not only keep track of the data, but also to operate the machine.

Ways virus software infection

As we mentioned above, one of the source of the virus is a global and local networks, including e-mail accounts, online services, and so on. D.

In addition, the virus can be passed on.. the computer through infected flash drives, memory cards, drives, etc.

computer infection Signs

Suspected malware attack your computer can be on the following criteria

  • decreasing speed of your computer;
  • reduction in computer memory;
  • departing error while loading the operating system;
  • system messages of doubtful character;
  • damage or delete files independent;
  • inability to boot the operating system.

In this feature the last two indicate the active phase of the virus program.

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