How do I delete my account?

How do I delete my account?

Windows allows you to create convenience for users of different operating systems.There are situations where a specific user is no longer needed, and you must remove the Windows account that you created for him.

Enable administrator

Before you delete the account from the system, make sure that your account has administrative privileges.Other accounts typically have limited capabilities, including, they can not delete other user accounts.

Windows 7 is disabled by default, administrator privileges, so at first they should turn.To do this, use the key combination Win + R.In the window that opens, enter lusrmgr.msc and press Enter.Next, select the "Users", click on the account "Administrator" Edit mouse button, call the window "Properties" and remove the check from "Disable account", and then save your changes and reboot your computer.


account If you've done everything correctly, after the above steps, you will be available to work with user accounts.Instructions how to remove the user

account is simple and usually does not cause problems.

  • Open the "Start" menu and in the search bar, type "user accounts".After pressing Enter you will have an opportunity to work with user accounts.
  • Navigate to "Manage another account" to see a list of all computer users.All you have to do - to select the record you want to delete and select "Delete account".
  • After that enter the system, whether to store user files need to be deleted account.If necessary, restart the computer.

Removing administrator account

Often users ask about how to remove the administrator account.

In Windows 7 this option is disabled, that is, to remove this account is not possible.However, it can be turned off to close the access to it by other users.To do this, use the instructions described above enable the administrator account.The only difference is that you will need to put a tick next to "Account is disabled."

In WindowsXP remove the administrator account can be only under the condition that there are at least two entries with administrator rights.So, are logged under one of them, you can remove another administrator's account by going to the "Control Panel" and then follow the chain: "Computer Management - Local Users".