The rules of handball

The rules of handball

Handball - a very popular game not only in Russia but also worldwide.The game itself takes place at the site of a rectangular shape, which has a size of 40 by 20 meters. Always around the site, the size of not less than one meter, all along the sidelines, and at least 2 meters behind the goal line, should be a safe haven.Short line area (between the goalposts) are called goal lines or outer goal lines (the gate).It is important that all these lines - part of the playing area.The width of the goal line between the posts is 8 cm, all other lines have a size of 5 cm. Consider the rules of handball in general.


Team members must be 14, but at the same time, one at a time on the playground can be no more than 7, all the rest - is replacement players.Make sure the team has to be the goalkeeper and the team itself at the beginning of the game shall consist of not less than 5 players.Spare the player can join the game at any time, but only after the main player leaves the field.Also, the replacement

may only be carried out through the line replacement team of players.The number of replacements is not limited.

The team may also include, in addition to players, up to 4 people of officials, which are recorded in the score sheet.One of these people - the official representative of the team, he is entitled to apply to the timekeeper, secretary and maybe even to the judges.He also is responsible for that part of the team is not among the main players, not including replacement was not those who do not have that right.To learn how to play handball, rules of the game be sure to know them and try not to break.

Duration games

match consists of first and second half, which lasted thirty minutes and have a 15 minute break for adult teams (16 and older).For children ages 8 - 12 years old: two halves of 20 minutes;12-16 years: two halves of 25 minutes.

At the end of the break the team shall change ends playground.If the game ends in a draw, then the extra time - two times for five minutes with a 1 minute break.If the first extra game time and did not reveal the winner, then after 5 minutes on the same site it will be assigned to the second additional time under the same conditions.If the second and additional time is over and the score is still the same, it will be assigned to a series of 7-meter throw.Rules of the competition data, depending on their type, can include a series of 7-meter and after the end of regular time.When leaving the ball over the line of site, during the game, time does not stop.And when you remove a player or deliberations, the stopwatch is stopped.When a team has the ball, she has the right to take time out.It lasts 1 minute and during the stopwatch stops, too.


  • using his head, hands, hips, knees and body players are eligible to catch, stop and throw the ball;
  • not more than 3 seconds, the player can keep the ball from himself and make him no more than three steps, and then has to pass the ball, or throwing it on goal, or another player, or on the floor;
  • cross the border in the jump gates allowed the players, and touch pad within them - is prohibited;
  • can block the opponent's body, blocking his path arms bent at the elbows and select the ball open hand;
  • without trying to attack the ball is not allowed to play;
  • the ball completely into the net, and while the team that he scored, did not violate the rules - a goal is awarded.

The team, which scored more goals and wins.


According to the rules of handball, there are three types of personal punishment:

  • warning.
  • Remove a player for 2 minutes.
  • Remove a player to end the game (disqualification).

these penalties can be assigned not only to the players.But officials.


Warning player gets for unsportsmanlike conduct (dissatisfaction with the referee's decision, breach of the rules of three meters, when the opponent performs a standard shot, pass the leg below the knee)

During a game, players can get:

  • all the players of one team:3 warnings;
  • officials of one team: 1 warning;
  • igrok- 1 warning.

player already receding from this game 2 minute warning shall not be imposed.And to achieve maximum alert for further violations applies a strict form of punishment.

Removal 2 minutes

player is sent off for 2 minutes in when he seriously violated the rules.

Each removal is necessarily accompanied by a gesture of a judge - he should raise his hand with two fingers straightened.After that, the player who broke the rules, he must leave the playing field for 2 minutes, at which time the team plays incomplete.If this penalty is designed official person, the person it represents remains on lava spare, and besides, one player serving a removal date.

If the player three times removed of 2 minutes for one game, then after that is complete disqualification.Disqualification - this is an exception from the game completely.She is appointed for a flagrant foul.

Now you know all the rules of handball and can easily learn to play.If you will tighten, so to speak, and you can not break away, then you can do this quite seriously.To do this, you need to find out more detailed rules of the game, which you can find here.