Do I have the nationality of the child ?

Do I have the nationality of the child ?

a baby always brings great joy to the family.However, his appearance becomes necessary paperwork so that your baby was a full member of society.Documents bit, but for their proper execution parents need to know whether the child should register, if you need the citizenship of the child, and so on.

Citizenship baby

citizenship to a child born in Russia, from mom and dad Russians assigned automatically.That is, in fact, he is a citizen of Russia.And, according to the documents?If your baby was born before 1 July 2002, he has a certificate of birth, old-fashioned, there is no column on citizenship.Until February 2007, he pasted inserts with a mark of citizenship.Now they are canceled, ieThey are invalid.Now such certificates stamped single sample, which indicates the child's citizenship.If the child is born after July 1, 2002, that he had on the birth certificate of a special citizenship graph.It should be completed immediately after birth.But if you do not put a mark in this box, it is necessary t

o apply to the Federal Migration Service, and if the assignment to the Russian citizenship are no obstacles, then he put down immediately.If you have questions, the design can be extended to 10 days.

Why to register citizenship

question of whether to issue the citizenship of the child is necessary, you can absolutely do not worry, until a certain time.This need arises when the need to enter in your passport to your child when traveling in the country, which do not require a passport (Ukraine, Belarus), when submitting documents for the issuance of Russian passports to 14 years.And only then, parents are beginning to think vain if the child needs to do citizenship.We must, if it is not indicated in his birth certificate.

When citizenship is guaranteed

If it really is not, whether the child on his claim?Of course, he is a Russian, if these are the mom and dad, and the baby was born in Russia.It is called the act of citizenship by birth.As the child reaches 18 years of age, he can select another country.Even if the birth took place not in Russia, but the parents of the RF citizens, the citizenship of the child shall bear automaton.

If the child one parent is a citizen of the Russian Federation, and the second is unknown (dad is not installed, someone was missing, not installed seat), then the child is also a Russian, even if he was born in another country.If the parents are foreigners, but the birth happened in our country, the child has no right to be a Russian.

Where to

To find out whether you need to register the citizenship of the child, and that it needs, it is necessary to go to the local branch of the Migration Service with a birth certificate, to write a statement.