How is it - to clear the cache ?

How is it - to clear the cache ?

Now you can often hear talk about the importance of cleaning the cache, although many still do not understand what it is and how it is - to clear the cache?

term "cache" originates from the French language, where it means "to take."In the computer vocabulary it appeared in 1967, when in one of the magazines mentioned about the "high-speed buffer."The editor has replaced the term invented by himself the term "cache."

Today cache has retained its original interpretation.In simple words, the cache - it saved links to information in the browser, which is ever opened or searched for: video, music, text, etc. Those words that pop up in the search engine box when we are just beginning to enter the question..It is also stored in the cache.The cache allows for faster access to information, has ever requested.

Clear the cache

When we dealt with the notion of "cash", the question arises: "How is it - to clear your browser's cache?".Clear the cache - which means to remove stored information therein, that

is, links to websites, which were previously visited by the user.To carry out it's pretty simple.This action will help reduce the load on the work of the browser and minimize the likelihood of critical errors program.

  • So, if you are using the Google Chrome browser, then by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Delete call window "Clear browsing data."The list of operations, select "Clear Cache" and press the "Delete browsing data."
  • In Opera, you need to press the key combination Ctrl + F12, and then a window will appear "Settings".Select the last tab called "Extensions" on the left side of the window from the list, select "History".Under "Disk cache" set up "20 MB" value, click on the "Clear" and then "OK".
  • For Mozilla Firefox need to press Ctrl + Shift + Delete.A window "Erasing recent history."In the list, select "Cache" and click "Clear now."

Now you know what it means to clear the cache, and how to do it in different browsers.