How to clean viruses?

How to clean viruses?

favorite computer began to fail, return errors and run slowly?Maybe not quite correct flash drive performs its functions?Perhaps the computer and flash drive picked up a virus.When you make sure of the correctness of this thought, the question arises, how to clean viruses.And here to the aid of our paper comes.

How to clean your computer from viruses

antivirus program

In modern conditions of use of the computer is difficult to overestimate the need for a good anti-virus.You can catch the virus by copying the information to your computer with another USB drive or disc, and the simple discovery of the Internet through the browser without any protection like death for your computer!When you climb up to the Internet, your computer will start to attack dozens of viruses.Cope with them can be a good anti-virus program.

Select from among the existing antivirus most appropriate, install it on your computer, and it itself will remove viruses, preventing them from attacking your computer.The important

point is associated with the updating of anti-virus programs.If you constantly use the Internet, it would be appropriate to put the auto-update.It works like this: You just go to the Internet, the antivirus program starts to search for updates for your system, and if any, they will quickly come into effect, making your antivirus stronger.You just need one time to make the desired settings, then you should not worry - you will always arrive update notifications.A good anti-virus software is updated frequently and constantly.Ideally - every day, because hackers create increasingly sophisticated viruses that old antivirus system may bypass, but the new one - no longer exists.

can also periodically scan disks and any devices connected to the computer.If viruses are found, they will find the program and delete or send to quarantine.To scan your computer for viruses or device, you just need to open the window of your antivirus software, select the object you want to check for viruses, and then press the "Scan" or what is the same function (different anti-virus used different terminology).Depending on the volume of an object, the program needs more or less time to scan it.A good anti-virus program - the most effective way on how to clean viruses.

inspection services for viruses

They can be found on the Internet.These services will give you clear information about the status of protection and security of your computer.They do not protect against infection by certain viruses, but it will help to identify and get rid of already existing on your computer.You can find free checking service.

stop operation of the virus and its removal

Sometimes a virus attacks the computer unnoticed, but its effect is manifested in the fact that the computer starts working very slowly.Since your computer may be carried out through the distribution of copies of the Internet.To win such a virus, you first need to prevent its operation.Disconnect from all networks and Internet access possible ways, and then run the antivirus.

Removing manually

This method is for advanced users.If you do not belong to those, you can ask a knowledgeable friend or acquaintance in this issue.First you need to find out the nature of the virus.To do this, run the antivirus, which will help to find out the name of the virus.If there is no anti-virus program, or it can not find the virus, identify the name of the malicious object can be on the grounds.To do this, make a note of the text in all messages, which displays the virus or if you have received it by e-mail, write down the name of a file or message subject.This data will help you search for the characteristics of the virus on the Internet.The most effective in this search websites of anti-virus programs.With their help, you will not only learn the name of the virus, but also get instructions to remove it.

Sometimes nothing helps or viruses very much.In this case, the easiest way to transfer data from the hard disk to another location for storage and re-install the new system.In general, after the removal of the virus, you may need to restore data that has been lost, or to reinstall some programs.In the future as a prevention of loss of personal data you can backup to external media (eg, an external hard drive).

How to clean a flash drive from viruses

It does not take a lot of time and effort.

  1. Connect the USB flash drive to any computer with an active anti-virus program.
  2. Wait a few seconds.Your anti-virus itself can start the search and removal of viruses.If not, do a virus scan on their own.Open "My Computer", right-click on the symbol of the stick, and select from the drop down menu "Scan selected files with the help of .." or "Scan with ...".Next, select the antivirus software that is installed on your PC and wait until it finishes the job.
  3. select the "Clean" command to fully stick cleaning or "Delete".And in fact, in both cases the flash card is cleared of virus.

We briefly in general form presented to you, how to clean a computer from viruses.There is no dispute that the virus removal methods may be more.If you know of any other effective methods to remove viruses, share them in the comments.The above methods are the most popular and reliable among users.