How to wrap the wrist wraps ?

How to wrap the wrist wraps ?

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How to wrap the wrist wraps?

Every true sportsman should monitor your health very carefully.It is no secret that professional sports only destroys our body.Particularly, this effect occurs when we are talking about boxing.Even difficult to imagine how many forced to endure injuries boxers.If you are just starting to learn the basics of this martial art, then you first need to think about their safety.It is known that under the boxing gloves are hidden hands which are wrapped in special bandages.Today, we look at how to properly wrap the wrist wraps and why it is needed.

wrist wraps: what is it and why

wrist wraps - is the most inexpensive, but certainly no less important than anyone else, the element boxer outfit.Boxing bandages fix your hand and wrist so that the hands are in the compact, that is in the correct position.There are two types of bandages - cotton and gauze ( "Mexican").Boxers give their preference to the latter view.Gauze bandages have a hook system th

at facilitates buttoning.They are very flexible.They clasp hands tightly boxer, completely repeating contours of the bones of the wrist and hand.Bandages support arm, thereby providing protection for the hand bones.Bandages can be bought in the range from 100 to 200 rubles.

wrist wraps: Hand wrapping technique

  • Take the bandage and consider it.
  • Find a loop of bandage.There need to place your thumb.
  • Stretch bandage along the back of the hand to the side of the thumb.
  • Wrap wrist two or three times to properly wind the wrist wraps.Always make sure that at the time of winding is not formed folds.Bandage should comfortably bow brush.It does not have to pinch it, but should not bow slightly brush.
  • Now again wrapped brush two or three times as follows.It is necessary to wrap the knuckles.Secure the joints of the fingers very well.Bandaging the fingers should start with the little finger.To start bandaging, miss bint between the ring finger and little finger.
  • Now we have to wrap the thumb.To do this, wrap the bandage around the wrist once.Wrap your thumb on the back side.Again wrap the thumb.
  • Twist eight bandage between your thumb and forefinger.The remaining part of the bandage need to wrap the wrist and fasten with Velcro bandage.

bandage should tightly hold the hand and wrist.Thus, the bandage does not interfere with the rotational motion of brushes.It should be noted that the correct winding wrist wraps - is the most important procedure for preventing injuries boxer.Boxer must independently bandaging their hands, because only it feels like to lie bandage.If the bandage is tightened a chur strong, then brush zatekut.If it is tightened slightly, the hand will not receive adequate protection, since the bandage just shift.Right to beat his fist on the opponent in this case you do not succeed, becauseyou probably will think of his hands, and not the fight ... to determine the correct hand position, you can use the following observations.Bandage is tied true in the case, if a clenched fist bandage tightly fits the hand, and with a calm hand, bandages does not have any pressure on the bone.Here is how to wrap the wrist wraps.