How to remove the monitor ?

How to remove the monitor ?

you need to make a video tutorial or record the passing game?Or maybe you want to prepare a presentation?To do this, you need to remove a video from the monitor screen.Record fix any action by you on your computer.After that, the video can be saved as a video and upload to YouTube, or to pitch in the mail.To record images from the screen there are a variety of programs.In this article we will talk about how to capture video from the monitor by using Fraps software.

program Fraps

There are plenty of tools to capture video from the monitor.Fraps program is the most popular among them.It is quite simple to use.To master it and can a beginner.Here's how to remove the monitor from this program.

  • Download Utility and register it.This is required to ensure that the program does not automatically stop recording after a certain period of time.
  • Run the program and adjust its settings.
  • In the General tab, tick the Run Fraps when Windows starts.The program will run automatically when you boot the operati
    ng system.
  • Go in FPS tab.Tick ​​menu Monitor Desctop Windows Maneger.To adjust the automatic shut-off entries, highlight Stop benkhmark avtomatically after X seconds.To monitor the quality of the recording is released setting, which is located in paragraph Save detaled benckmark statistics.This is followed by the transition to the Movies menu.
  • In Menu Folder to sawe movies, press the Change button.
  • Determine in what section of the hard disk and the folder the program will save the recording started.
  • Highlight Video Captyre Hotkey menu and click on the keyboard any key.It will enable or disable the recording process.
  • To ensure maximum picture quality, install a check in Full-size.Select from the options that will be offered to measure the number of frames per second zapisyvemogo movie.If the proposed options would not suit, you must specify its value of this parameter.
  • If you will use voice recording or sound effects, you need to select the item Record Sound.After that, the utility automatically selects the audio device.
  • If you do not need to get the mouse cursor displayed on the video, you must activate the option No cursor.
  • Close window.
  • Start the desired application.
  • To start recording, press the set key.

There are other programs that allow you to shoot video with monitor, for example, UVScreenCamera, Ezvid, BlueBerry FlashBack Express Recorder and others.Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but the principle of operation is similar.After reading this article, you will be easier to figure out how to remove the screen of the monitor, and all you have should work.