Is registration mandatory?

Is registration mandatory?

Very much controversy in society raises the question of whether registration is required for citizens of Russia, and whether it is necessary at all.Especially knowing our country compared to the United States, Canada and others.There, they say, no registration, and the people live well.And accustomed since the days of serfdom in Russia to take into account all, here and come up with their entertainment - to prescribe, prescribe.Yes, our standard of living is slightly different, rather than in America and Europe.But who made us so well, we're not there yourself?

What is the registration

If you are a migrant, and live all the time in the same city, the residence ... you really need!You have to be tied to a particular address for many purposes.And you need it even more than the state.Do you want to receive child benefits or a pension at the post office?Then you need a residence permit.Because post offices are located at areas of the city and serve only their inhabitants.Imagine all the money will r

un wherever they want.You'll never guess at what the mail today is money, and on what - not.You are much more convenient to be "attached" to the post office at the address.And as you will be coming vouchers to pay for utilities?

When applying for a job, your employer should make sure that you do not "Barnstormer" and not run away tomorrow.Giving you a loan, the bank will want to know where to find you in case of problems with payment.So the debate on whether registration is required, there will be only if you dodge the army or have committed a crime.But you will agree, these cases are much rarer.

migration and temporary registration

If you are going from one city to another, according to the state of your residence permit finds out about this.It was in order to regulate the number of people living in metropolitan areas and in small villages, migration services collect this information.Depending of this figure are defined subsidies for the development of human settlements.And introduced a residence restriction in the case of overpopulation capitals.And if you go to another city for a while, for a year or two, even five (eg, students), the State provides you with all the appropriate rights and benefits for temporary registration.