Where to go in October for a vacation ?

Where to go in October for a vacation ?

three months of happiness, or, as they are called - summer!To prolong the pleasure of your summer vacation, you can go to relax in warmer climes in the autumn!Choosing a month, you are stopped on October?Well, the right choice!The most common period of September famous Indian summer, and in October it is already possible to replace the cold at any resort.And the excursion trip will not be as cold as in winter.We recommend to consider all possibilities where to go for a vacation in October.

options - where to go for a vacation in October

  • Holidays in Russia: the southern resorts and sightseeing tours.
  • Holidays abroad: tropical countries and sightseeing tours.

Rest in Russia - where to go in October

Golden Ring of Russia.Certainly, many have heard about such a trip, but what they look like, do not know.Tours of the Golden Ring of Russia offer almost any travel agency.But you can go there and in his car, armed with a map, having studied in detail the way the Internet with a café and parking.Go

lden Ring of Russia is a bus tour usually includes a stop in the following ancient Russian cities:

  • Yaroslavl
  • Rostov
  • Sergiev Posad
  • Ivanovo
  • Vladimir
  • Suzdal
  • Pereslavl
  • Kostroma

these cities preserved stunning ancient monuments of culture, you can visit the unique crafts centers.But the list of cities may vary slightly in different travel agencies.Bus tour may take 2-3 days, maybe many days, it all depends on your wishes.Should I go in October on the Golden Ring of Russia?Of course!First, the tour cost can be reduced.Secondly, there is no lack of air in the bus and walks to historical places of the Golden Ring of Russia.It is also a great option for anyone who wonders where to go for a vacation with the child during the autumn holidays!

rush to the sea in October - a good idea to extend the summer!The popular resorts of Russia are Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Sochi, Anapa and other hot towns on the Black and Azov Seas.But in October vacation in these cities will appeal to those who love cool summer.Since mid-September begins velvet season when the temperature is near 23 degrees.But to go to rest in October south of Russia should be in the first half of the month.The holiday season lasts until mid-October.The sea in the fall, of course, it will be cold.Therefore, a beach holiday in October is good abroad.

Holidays abroad - where to go in October

Preferring Beach Tour in October, stop your choice on foreign resorts.Popular Turkey plays host to a huge number of tourists in October.Mediterranean will be warm during the day and night walks will be accompanied by wind and cool, so walk in the evening under the moon have a sweater and trousers.Weather in the cities of Bodrum and Marmaris in October has become cold.In Kemer rains are possible.But the holiday in Side and Alanya will be hot in October.The air temperature will range from +26 to +28 degrees and the water temperature - about 23 - 24 degrees.Prices for trips to Turkey in October, will be pleasantly surprised.

Exotic vacation in Brazil in October promises to be neznoynym with minimal rainfall.Go to Cyprus, you will see that it is in Cyprus on October high season!And fruit in October in Cyprus is quite cheap pleasure, allowing you to observe some fruit diet.In Egypt, in Morocco, in Tunisia, is provided to you chocolate tan in October.The water temperature is usually 26 degrees, but the bad weather did not exactly find you at this time.And in the UAE in October, the heat can reach 35 degrees, the bathing season in the UAE last until mid-November.But in the UAE in October accounted sacred Ramadan holiday, which means that this month there will be some restrictions on entertainment and alcoholic beverages, food and smoking in public places.

Where to go in October for a vacation, if you want to visit the famous sights of the big cities to the journey turned out to be informative and fun?While traveling in Europe, you can visit the following countries:

  • the Czech Republic, which is famous for its castles.
  • France, namely the romantic Paris with the Eiffel Tower.
  • Italy with the towns of arts.