How to rent a home video ?

How to rent a home video ?

This article is dedicated to all beginners videolyubitelyam.In it, I'll tell you how to remove a home video.We consider the fundamental aspects of the video, knowing that you can easily make a great film even at home.

About camcorder

First of all, let's talk about the equipment.If you are a beginner Videolyubitel, you do not need to purchase a professional camcorder, in which settings you can not used to simply "get lost."The quality of consumer cameras shooting at quite high, but their main advantage is the ability to select the standard shooting modes: day, night, at home, on the street, for static and moving objects, etc.If you want to shoot something against the light, you should take a «Backlight» with the corresponding button, which are equipped with almost all modern model.Some of the difficulties in shooting amateur camera may be the focus.The fact that the camera is usually focused on the smallest details, so if you want to shoot, such as your daughter picking flowers, it is best to sti

ll have to learn when the automatic settings will be seen exactly the flowers, so that the focus control of the camera.About


shooting Novice operators are usually addicted to excess, and continue to shoot as long as they do not run all the tapes.Of course, I want to capture every movement of the baby, to record each performance at the children's performances, etc.But here it is necessary to take into account such a moment: and whether you and your loved ones all the time then it has watched?So you can shoot a lot, but then every video should be given, as they say, "in the proper form," that is cut extra pieces to get a really good movie, not a tedious and boring series.Professionals advise beginners not to forget about the function of «Fade», which allows to perfectly separate the episodes with each other using a serial dimming view and the appearance of a new episode of the image.Incidentally, the duration of each episode, according to professional operators, should not exceed 5 minutes, and preferably, if the time is from 3 to 5 minutes, on average.


operator qualitatively make a movie at home - hence, be able to work with the zoom (function approximation, alienation) and be able to move properly.On the last and begin.Camera movements should be smooth and unhurried - we're not shooting the thriller and action movie and home video, which then nothing really can not be considered in the chaotic and abrupt camera movements.Therefore, the camera smoothly translate from object to object, stopping 7-10 seconds, and then slide the camera also look at another object.Do not worry that all of a sudden you do not get to shoot something very important - a moment you will be presented more than once, but if you jerk, it can be assumed that the shooting day was wasted.Remember, a good response and quick camera movement with a clear fixation is very important, but not for home operator, and to the stringer (private Videolyubitel selling their materials), who wants to shoot something "fried".If you are taking a holiday, a leisurely walk around with the camera of all those present, briefly pausing on each.Then do it will be difficult - especially when guests cheer under the influence of intoxicating beverages.And most importantly for the video taken at home - to remember that any home movie made slowly and smoothly, looks much better than the video with sharp, chopped movements and frenetic camera throwing from object to object.So - Train.

About the zoom and shooting of aspect

So we got to the "arrival" of the camera.Zoom - a very popular feature, the smaller the length of the operator, so he often stretch hands to use this feature.However, note that, then watch a video of you and your loved ones will be then very difficult if you abuse the frequent change of the overall and close-up.Therefore, as in the case of the shooting duration - restrain yourself.I want to experiment: please, but not during the filming responsible for your friends and family moments.Now about the shooting of aspect.This activity is very fascinating and not to be afraid and, moreover, to be lazy to experiment with angles.If outdoors, climb the hill and shoot from there, sit down or even lie down on the grass or in the snow to take pictures of your baby.House is quite possible to climb on the table or under the table for a great shot.This survey provides a unique opportunity to see the world through very different eyes, so using different camera angles, you can remove a lot of interesting things, but at the same time and save the physical form.

final moments

What still needs to learn a novice operator before you remove a home movie?First of all, to be able to shoot in the most unexpected, but very appropriate moments.You can use different techniques to your loved ones did not know that now they will have to remove or take off.In the arsenal of any such methods paparazzi a lot: it's stalk and hiding cameras with subsequent inclusion.Very handy if you turn the camera using the remote control at the appropriate moment.Do not get carried away with special effects - for a home movie you'll need, mainly two things: to be able to make text labels and affix the date of recording.This is enough, of course, if you are not a master of video processing.By the way, when selecting the camcorder does not refer to the number of "bells and whistles" and the reliability and image quality.And do not forget the time to clean the cassette to the most inopportune moment you have not finished the film.Here, perhaps, and all - now you know a lot about how to remove a home video.