What to buy in Crete ?

What to buy in Crete ?

Going on a trip to the island of Crete, many are thinking about what to bring out.One can not go back to this unique island empty-handed.It is necessary to bring anything to mind.So what to buy in Crete?Often vacationers buy in Crete predmery various arts and crafts: ceramics, woven goods, skin, icons, and lace, gold and silver jewelry.Typical souvenirs is considered to be the same honey, oranges, Cretan wine and olive oil (best in Europe).

However, many go to Greece to buy a fur coat in Crete.After all, it is full of shops that sell fur products.Assortment and prices in different stores.Therefore, to find a coat that will arrange it for you, not make much effort.

Buying fur Crete

Virtually every corner you can see signs in Russian "coats at wholesale prices."Locals assure that the price of furs on Kmpre are the same as in the famous center of the fur trade in Casoria.For example, a long fur coat from a raccoon can be purchased for 900 euros and 1,500 euros from the hole.If, however, you will b

e offered a fur coat for 300 euros, it is likely, it is made elsewhere, and not very high quality.Enough of you this coat in the best case for one season.

course, buy a fur coat in Greece are much cheaper than in Russia.Therefore, all those who come here on vacation, trying to bring home of fur products.But remember, if you will choose a fur coat in a big city such as Heraklion or Agios Nikolaos, it is likely that you buy a fur coat at a price 1000-2000 Euro higher.And if you also still choose to take the help of a guide who will accompany you on your shopping trips, coats value may be simply the space.

Therefore, we advise you to prepare for buying a fur coat in Crete.What do I need to do?First of all, carefully read the shops on the island of Crete, find their addresses.Read the information on how to choose real quality coat that will last you a really long time.It is advisable to also learn how you can rent a car on the island, so you can by yourself go in search of fur products.

Visit stores that are designed specifically for cost-conscious buyers, the so-called «TAX-FREE».After buying a fur coat you must return 19% (sales tax) on product cost.Money can be obtained as those in the store, and the cash register «Duty Free» airport.And be sure to bargain.After all, the price of the resort is often overstated.