How to set up your desktop ?

How to set up your desktop ?

Desk is a personal work place person who spends at the computer a lot of time.If you do not know how to set up a working stolna computer, chances are you will not be comfortable to work with.Of course, it will affect your performance.So, before you start working at your computer, try to make your desktop the way you want it to be the ideal, and we will help you in this.

Configuring Windows

  • desktop for desktop settings on a Windows platform, you need to hover the mouse on an empty area of ​​the table, click on the right mouse button.Before you open a menu in which there is a line "Properties" - you must go on this line and open it.You should see the settings menu, which is the tab "Themes".It is necessary to choose your favorite picture and click on the "Apply" - your desktop instantly transformed, because the chosen picture will appear on it.Remember that the "Subject" - is not just a background image, but a set of sounds, as well as other elements, so choosing a specific image, you choose and
    other desktop items.
  • next tab - a "Desk", which allows you to change the background image in the topic that you previously installed.By the way, the background image can be selected not only from those who are in the catalog, but also to establish your photo or image by selecting it from your own files.To do this, select "Browse" to select the desired directory from your picture - the name of the object should appear in the "File name" and click on "Open".Just below is an additional field in which there is such an option, as "Location."It allows you to adjust the location of the pictures.If you neobhodimonastroit Windows desktop without any images and pictures, choose "No" in the list, and choose a color for the desktop possible option "Color".
  • The "Desktop" menu provides the ability to enable or disable the system icons.To do this, select "Desktop Settings" from which you'll be in the "Desktop Items" and then in the "General" tab.If you click on the "Change Icon", the icon will change the graphical image.You can set up automatic cleaning of the desktop icons that are not used for a long time.If such a feature you do not need, do not tick this option, the control box.
  • tab "Settings" allows you to set the screen resolution - for this you need to use the slider.For different size screens have their own optimal solution.So, for a 17-inch screens optimal resolution is 1024x768.If you have a 19-inch monitor, choose a resolution of 1280x1024 or 1400h1050.If you are interested in how to customize the desktop in terms of refresh rate, then this option should be set, passing from the "Extras" - button, which is located in the lower right corner of the tab "Settings" in the "Monitor" tab.After setting the screen refresh rate, click on "OK", and then on "Apply".
  • tab "Screensaver" is designed for you to set up the protection of confidential information from prying eyes.Make it simple enough - you need to choose your favorite wallpaper, programmed time interval and set a password for protection.Screensaver will automatically appear on the screen at the expiration of the time you set, on the condition that you will not carry out any manipulation of the mouse or keyboard.In this work the window "Display Properties" is finished, it must be closed.

Customize Desktop in Windows 7

To configure the Windows 7 desktop, you must perform a slightly different steps than those described above.Windows 7 is configured using the mini applications - gadgets, thanks to which the desktop can transform beyond recognition, both externally and functionally.If Windows Vista to install gadgets used sidebar in Windows 7 gadgets users can place anywhere on the monitor, which will be convenient for you.Download gadgets to customize your desktop to be from sources that are often used by you, because, in June 2012, Microsoft stopped at the official level to support these options.That is, on the official website of the company you will not find them.This is due to the release of Windows 8.

Before you return the desktop settings, store the desired settings in a separate file - tab "Themes" and the group "Theme", click on "Save".Next, you must specify the path to save and memorize it.If necessary, you can always through the component "Display" tab and the "Topics" to return the previous desktop settings regarding his registration.