What is the drive?

What is the drive?

Disks are different: hard, local, CD, DVD, etc.Deal with the purpose of each of them independently is difficult, but necessary.Because the age of technology required.So, why there is a drive?

Hard Drive

Hard disk is in the computer system unit.Why the need for a hard drive in the computer?For all information, the operating system and all the programs stored hard disk.On the computer we can see the information that is stored on the hard disk under "My Computer", "Local Disk C", "Local Disk D».

Local drives

hard disk is divided into sections: "Local Disk C" and "Local Disk D».The disks can store programs, files, movies, music, etc.But, if there is C drive, why do we need drive D?The fact that the operating system is damaged by malware, all files are damaged.To establish a normal computer operation, it is necessary to reinstall the operating

system.All that was stored on the local drive C, can not be restored.Therefore, the need drive D, the information on it in case you reinstall the operating system can be saved.The disk D is recommended to store your most important files and archives in order to avoid the risk of losing these documents.

CD, DVD, blu ray and other

All of the above - it is material things, as opposed to local drives.These discs are made of a plastic disk with a hole in the center.To determine what is needed above drives, you must deal with them separately.

CD - CD-ROMs.There are two types of CD-R, record the information, which is possible only once, and CD-RW, recording information, which perhaps more than once.The memory capacity of up to 900 MB (90 minutes of recording time).

DVD - digital versatile discs.There are three types: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM.Appointment of these discs is very simple.They need to store information: audio, video quality, a variety of files and documents.DVD-R can not be overwritten at all.DVD-RW can be overwritten up to 1000 times.DVD-RAM can be rewritten at all to 100 thousand.time.DVD disc capacity 17 GB.DVD discs are more reliable than CD.

Blu Ray (BD) - optical discs on the new standard.These wheels need to store large amounts of data (the most common volume to 50 GB), including the storage of audio and video quality.Occasionally, there are BD discs with a capacity of up to 320 GB.It is also divided into several types: BD-R, record information that can be once, BD-RE recording information multiple times, BD-RE DL repeatedly, you can record information of up to 50 GB.


drive cleaning disc is needed to clean the lenses of different players and drives.And this, in turn, need to wheels "no brakes", and view information from them is not turned into a very arduous process.The cleaning disc is sold complete with cleaning fluid, has a brush on the disc.

Why do you need a driver disk

On these discs, recorded software, which is setting on the computer, you can access the hardware device for which the driver is designed (web - camera, scanner, camera).