How to create a disk image ?

How to create a disk image ?

Creating a virtual disk image - necessary and useful function.Now you do not need to store the discs, take care of them so they will not scratch, and think where to put them in the apartment.All data from the disk can be stored on a computer, creating a virtual image of it.In order to understand how to create a disk image, you must deal with some programs.

Daemon Tools Light

This program is designed specifically to work with virtual images.With it you can create a virtual disk and create a file to use.Let us consider in detail how to create a disk image daemon tools:

  1. Run Daemon Tools Light program.
  2. Insert the disc, the image that you want to do is drive.
  3. Right-mouse click on the icon of the program Daemon Tools Light, which is minimized in the system tray in the control panel.It looks like blue lightning icon with a white circle.
  4. A list in which we find and choose "Create Disk Image ...".
  5. You will have a wizard to create virtual images.
  6. In the "Drive" select the drive you want to copy.As
    a rule, the program itself defines it automatically, but make sure it is not chosen another virtual drive.
  7. In the "Output image file" select the location where the program will save the resulting image.Here you can select the disk format.As a rule, it is best to use the iso.But you can create an image and mdf and mds format.When you create mds-image, you can close it with a password and reduce the bit size, tick the item "Compress image data".
  8. Click "Start" and watch how the program will create a virtual image.
  9. At the end press the button "Finish".


Multifunctional program to work with discs that enables you to create images.Thanks to easy management, and a pleasant interface, understand how to create a disk image nero, it is not difficult.

  1. Insert the disc and open the Nero program.
  2. Enter the menu "Applications", by clicking on the arrow to the left, and select the Nero Express.
  3. In the window that opens, select the section "Image, Project, Copy" (looks like a yellow folder) and that the disc format that you want to copy (CD or DVD).
  4. Choose a final destination where the file will remain, and click "Copy."
  5. Next to you will automatically open a new window that will ask for a blank disk to record.If you do not want to write it down, simply close this window.


Already the program name itself speaks about how to create a disk image iso and work with him in the future.

  1. Insert the disc and open the program.
  2. Before you open a window, which consists of two parts.Lower - all the files that are available on your computer, and the top - an area of ​​your future disc.
  3. find at the bottom of the files you want to burn a virtual image, and drag it to the top.
  4. See if enough disk space.See this is possible in the upper right corner.It shows how many percent of the disk is filled.
  5. Now configure the desired options.To do this, go to the properties: it is necessary to press the button with a red check mark.It is at the top, near the field "image".
  6. Before you open a window where you must select the type of disc.This customizable "carrier" in the field.
  7. Put a check in the "Optimize" box and select the file name format.Click OK.
  8. Now click on the button "Save as", which looks like two floppy disks and stored over the field "image".Here, specify the path where you want to save the file and give it a name.
  9. Click "Save" and wait until the program finishes to create an image.

There are other programs with which you can learn how to create a disk image windows.But these - the most basic, and having mastered them, you will understand with others easily.