How to unlock the flash card?

How to unlock the flash card?

Sometimes a user faces the problem of lock flash cards, which they can not be removed.There are several ways, many even format it, but there is often store sensitive information, and then the question of how to unlock microsd memory card, comes to the fore.

unlock the memory card in your phone

To unlock the card should go to the phone's security settings and unlock with it by entering the set password to view the files stored on it.If the access code to the file is installed with the help of third-party tools, then unlock the card will be using the same software used in establishing the protection.To unlock the memory card to your phone, sometimes enough to transfer switch to Unlock.This lock protects the card from the elements move, delete, rename and other operations with files.

Format the flash memory card

If the flash card is limited to access without your intervention and your password to unblock it you do not know, the only thing that remains in this case is to format it by the Windows

operating system.It is necessary to go to the menu "My Computer", and format the memory card via the menu of the mobile device.Often the reason for blocking flash cards are viruses, so before you unlock microsd card, it should be checked for their presence.Perhaps the anti-virus program will be able to cure it, and you get access to the flash card.

If when you try to access a file on it re-appears autorun, then still have to format the memory card through the computer.But this may cause some difficulties.To avoid them, you need to start your computer in Safe Mode and run the formatting of the card by connecting it through the card reader.Some try to do it and through the phone, but in most cases, positive results they achieve.Format the card using the menu "Administration", which can be found in the computer's control panel.Then insert it into your phone and format the card through its menu.Thereafter, the memory card should open without any problems.Now that you know how to unlock the flash card, and take all possible not to resort to formatting.