Go there in the army ?

Go there in the army ?

The question of whether to go or not to go into the army, always sharply on the agenda as the young people, which is to be, as well as their parents.Let's try to understand this article, whether or not to join the army.And if so, who should do it, and who does not.This is useful


  • First of all, and this is evident in military service is useful to those young men who want to become professional soldiers.In this case, the question of military service is not discussed.
  • In addition, to serve military service makes sense for those who for a career requires special training.But it will need the army is not easy.Need a service in the elite troops.And in order to get there, you need to have some kind of achievement and dignity.For example, in the Marine Corps rarely get people without MMR.
  • Army - a great way to engage with alcohol, drugs and other addictions.But delusion is not particularly necessary.The fact is that the drugs in the modern army is no problem, anything you can get almost always a
    nd in any quantity.
  • In continuation of the previous paragraph should be added that the service is in urgent need of the army - it's a good opportunity to get away from bad company.

Cons or that it is necessary to change

Some pros still have to serve in the army, but our army, of course, is not enough perfect.In addition, it is poorly equipped.There are several points that need to be necessarily changed.

  • million troops - it's still a bit too much.
  • Army must be more technological.It is necessary to change and living conditions in the barracks, for example, tables and beds.And of course the service.It is desirable that both it and the personal equipment of each soldier was not worse than in the US Army.
  • army must be a contract.Urgent army is a relic of an agrarian society, and yet it is already industrial.
  • Army definitely should be voluntary.We must move on a contract basis.Movement in this direction is clearly felt, and sooner or later comes to a logical conclusion.

choice is yours

Should I go into the army - it is a question to which the answer must be sought very carefully and thoughtfully.Someone army is needed.We need to move up the corporate ladder to get to work in the security forces.Someone just wants to assert itself.Some also go to the army due to financial insolvency.At the same time, the army is now many "mow."And this also has its reasons.For some, it is a hindrance in the work to someone else - in their studies.Someone wants to arrange his personal life, well, someone simply afraid.

Each of reasons not to go into the army or go, has its downsides.Since things can turn quite as planned.For example, someone who does not want to go into the army because of his studies, may leave the reserve, having the recommendation for preferential admission to university.

So, you need to think carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons" before making a final decision and refuse to serve in the army.And the choice is yours whether to go into the army or not.