What are society?

What are society?

in the history of mankind, including the present time, there were a variety of society.They are classified based on different characteristics.Society is a part of the material of the world, which is closely related to the nature and includes factors of human interaction, and various forms in which they are combined.Consider the concept and types of society, and what are its functions.

society functions

Under society in the narrow sense of the word refers to a group of people, which is endowed with consciousness and will.This group of people is created for different interests, motives.For example, a society of book lovers and coin collectors.At a certain stage of human development classification society it represented a variety of forms, such as: primitive, medieval, etc.Depending on the population of the country can be European or Russian society.All people are human society.

If we talk about civil society, we can highlight the following functions:

  • protection of citizens and their mutual ass
  • protection of human rights and control of the activities of the state.
  • production of necessities of life benefits.
  • fair distribution of the results of human labor.
  • Permanent systematization of production.
  • Formation of a certain ideology.
  • approval values.
  • participation in government at different levels

Types society

Consider what has society.For human society to include a number of areas such as:

  • Economic.In such a society there are relations between people in the process of production, consumption and distribution of material and non-material values, various services and all kinds of information.
  • Social.This type involves close interaction between classes, social groups and different sectors of the population.
  • political.This includes the activities of many Party organizations and movements that are engaged in government and political affairs of the country.
  • spiritual.For this kind of society refers religion, morality, science, medicine, education, arts and their impact on human life.

Consider the main types of company in more detail.

Economic kind of society

These societies include various types of enterprises.In these economic entities are combined property and engage in business activities, the main purpose of which is to make profit.Sometimes, a business entity may be one person.Basically types of business entities are legal entities.In the course of their activities, they are accounting and tax accounting of its performance, as compiled statistical information and reports that they need to provide to public authorities in accordance with applicable state law.Their activity can be any character that does not contradict the legislation of the country.To companies include the following:

  • stock companies open and closed.
  • LLC - Limited Liability Company.
  • Company, having more responsibility.
  • subsidiaries and affiliates.


social society consider types of social society.This kind of society is an important part of society.As a result of the transformation of the social structure of Russian society has changed and continues to change gradually.There are new social groups, social stratification mechanism is reconstructed, there is a change of elites.The social community implies a collection of individuals who are distinguished by integrity, they are the subject of an independent social and historical processes.The main features of such a society are:

  • reality.Such organizations are not experimental or abstract.They exist in reality, and inspection subject and fixation.
  • integrity.Such societies - is not just a collection of individuals, it is inherent in the integrity that characterizes these systems.
  • Formation and functioning of societies is possible on the basis of social bonds and relationships.

Types of modern society

Consider what are the different types of modern society.There are several types of such a society:

  • pre-industrial society.At that time, the dominant role of the natural and surrendered to agriculture.Man could not exist if it did not have the land, which is its main breadwinner.This particular person was determined by the manufacturer and the place of its functions.The man was dependent on biological cycles of nature and had to be arranged for them.
  • industrial society.As a result of the development of society, man created tools tools, which greatly facilitates the dependence of man from nature.Man, in some degree I felt the power of nature.As a result of the Industrial Revolution personal independence comes.For such a society becomes characterized by the development of goods production and consumption in mass quantities.This contributes to the continuous development of new technology and its widespread use.It was a time of brilliant people who have no special expertise could create a phone, plane, etc.
  • postindustrial society.This is a period of constant human race.In such a society, commonly used scientific and technological achievements that apply to absolutely all spheres of human activity.There is improvement of technology through continuous and targeted development of science.
  • Currently, the development of information technology, as scientists believe, could lead to a person's lifestyle, radical changes.And their use of forms, has formed a new type of society, which is called information.

Now that you know the information about what society currently exist and their types.This will allow you to be educated and understand the modern world.In addition, you can select any company for yourself to get you there was interesting to communicate with like-minded people.Good luck!