Factors anthropogenes

Factors anthropogenes

Historically, the formation of modern man took place under the influence of factors that are typical for other types of categories of earthly inhabitants.However, our study of evolution, you must bear in mind that the appearance of man - a unique event, in this case, there is a transition to a new type of existence of living matter - social or public.It was a huge leap, separating man from the animal world.What are the main factors of anthropogenesis?

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due to the influence of natural selection evolutionary transformation of our ancestors evolved biologically determined in future social patterns.Of course, describing the features of a modern man appeared at once - it took several million years.In particular, free our hands for bipedalism arose in the primary stage of Australopithecus.Also, within a few million years was increased brain mass.But in the last stages of our brain development took place not increase in its mass and specific structural reorganization of this body, which

was developed as a result of the social aspect of the human psyche.Undoubtedly, the main factor of anthropogenesis - is the emergence of work, the ability to produce tools.This event was a qualitative leap, the turning point of the phylogeny (biological history) to social history.

Biological factors anthropogenesis

The term "anthropogenesis" (antroposotsiogenez) indicate the general course of the evolutionary process, the historical development of human physical image, the initial formation of his speech, work and society.Problems of anthropogenesis studying science anthropology.Without the influence of biological and social factors anthropogenesis would have been impossible.Biological factors (the driving force of evolution) are common to both human and for the rest of nature.They also rank as natural selection and genetic variability.The importance of biological factors for human evolution revealed Darwin.A particularly important role played by these factors at an early stage of human evolution.Emerging hereditary changes were determined in particular height, the color of his eyes and hair, and resistant to the vernal circumstances.At an early stage of evolution, people are more dependent on natural factors.To survive and leave offspring in similar circumstances who possess useful for these conditions hereditary characteristics.

Social factors anthropogenesis

Under these factors meant a public way of life, work, and it developed consciousness.Independently only a person can make an instrument of labor.Certain animals are just some of the items used for the purpose of obtaining food (to get the fruit from the branch of a monkey takes a stick).Through work in human ancestors came the so-called anthropomorphosis - consolidation of physiological and morphological changes.The most important factor in human evolution anthropomorphosis was bipedalism.From generation to generation, natural selection kept individuals from contributing to the upright posture hereditary characteristics.Over time, he formed adapted to vertical S-shaped spine, developed massive bones of the legs, wide thorax and pelvis, arched foot.

main factor anthropogenes

bipedalism freed the hand.First hand holds only the most simple movements, but in the course of employment difficulty she perfected and acquired the ability to perform complex actions.In this sense, it can be concluded that not only work hand body, but also its product.Having developed the hand, people had the opportunity to make simple tools in the struggle for existence, it has become an important asset.

joint work contributed to the convergence of members of the genus, there was a need to exchange audio signals.So communication has caused the need for the development of the signaling system of the second plan - communication through words.The first means of communication was an exchange of gestures and certain sounds primitive.Further mutation and natural selection transformed the throat and mouth parts that formed it.The ability to speak, and developed the ability to work thinking.Thus, for a long time in interaction of biological and social factors of human evolution occurred.The physiological and morphological characteristics can be inherited, but the ability to work, thinking and speaking are developed exclusively in the process of education and upbringing.