Who created man ?

Who created man ?

mankind for centuries looking for the sources of its emergence on Earth.The question of who created man, still is haunted by scientists and townsfolk.

There is Darwin's theory, which is considered the most logical of the existing ones.According to her, a man arose in the course of evolution.Our ancestors evolved from primates, gradually changing under the influence of external factors and natural selection.

This theory still can not be considered absolutely proven, as there are many nuances and unsolved mysteries that allow opponents of evolutionary theory to put it into question.It is known that the deeper science studies human origins according to Darwinian theory, the more comes to a standstill.For example, so far we have not found in the intermediate circuit of human evolution.

addition Darwinian theory of the origin of people, there are other, non-evolutionary theory.


theory of creationism arose long before the theory of evolution.It assumes the appearance of a person due to

the creator-creator.Perhaps, in every nation, has its own version of the creation of man the supreme being in every religion.

For example, in Christianity, God created human beings on the seventh and final day of Creation, in the image and likeness.The man Adam was made from the dust of the earth, and Eve - from Adam's rib.

In ancient Egypt believed that the first man fashioned out of clay potter god Khnum.

In Mesopotamia, there is a myth that the gods who killed their predecessors, made people out of their flesh.In the world of a great many similar stories.

divine origin of man theory alive, as there is religion.Therefore, even in the XXI century, it finds its allies among believers.

The theory of intelligent design

According to this theory, people came through the work of other more advanced civilizations.There are various versions of the theory:

  1. people - descendants of aliens, who long ago have landed on Earth.
  2. Man - a hybrid of an alien with a primate, the result of scientific experiments.
  3. man - a product of genetic engineering, the resulting gomunkulyarnym way.
  4. Extraterrestrial Overmind controls the evolutionary development of mankind and his life on earth for a certain program.

In this theory, there is also a belief that humanity could be the unfortunate result of some alien experiment, and therefore doomed to self-destruct by means of wars, ecological catastrophes and cataclysms.

This theory is supported though guesses that in space there may be other civilizations, but still remains a pseudo-scientific.

Scientific creationism

Proponents of this theory are trying to find scientific explanations to Biblical variant of creating the world and man.In particular, conducting research, they are looking for evidence that "a reasonable man" existed simultaneously with Neanderthals, and was not his child.

Thus, scientific creationism casts doubt on evolutionary theory of human origins.This approach makes for a fresh look at the history of the creation of the world God.

Surprisingly, modern science is unable to come together in a common opinion on the question of human origins.It seems that the most ancient mystery, the interests of humanity, will remain unsolved for a long time.