What everyone should know ?

What everyone should know ?

world around us is very variable and to argue no one will.In order to succeed in life and be aware of all the events, you need to have knowledge relevant in our time.

Previously, it was necessary only to be able to read and write for a successful life.Then there was a need to know advanced mathematics, and in our time that everyone should know a person to be successful today?Of course, this is not the knowledge of chemistry, physics and other sciences, which we are taught in school and are completely useless for success in our lives.

in the world today are three important things that everyone should know:

  • time,
  • health,
  • money.

Of course, if you have more knowledge and skills in these three disciplines, so you'll be more successful.

If you properly manage your time, spend it effectively, then you it is enough for all: the business, and leisure.But if you do not know how to deal with time, so you have to deal with the usual routine, day to work on his work in the evenings to spend time in

front of TV, and the whole weekend to spend in the shops or in bed to get some sleep, but completely forgetting that there are stillleisure and people close to you.

If you do not know how to handle your money, then they will not ever work for you.And if you're lucky and you win something, anyway, they are gone away from you, leaving only memories of the former luxury.

What every woman should know and everyone in a man in this world: healthy people can radiate energy and live a long time his full life, when others waste their time and savings on their medication, not realizing at the same time that a successful person who knows what you needto be healthy, but not the one how to be treated.

Following from this, that's what everyone should know a person in our society:

  1. more about how to effectively use the most important vital resource - time;
  2. how to handle your money wisely;
  3. how to stay healthy (healthy, proper nutrition, physical sports, etc.), and be sure to transfer all of this knowledge to their children.

But unfortunately, in our system of general education about the money, time, and about the health of silence.And it's not just about that, are silent about how to build a family, the upbringing of children, how to be happy, successful, and so on ... They are silent about the necessary and important issues in the life of every man, driven into his head completely unnecessary knowledge.Still, should it ever change, because all the secrets of your success in the right and necessary knowledge.