How to protect yourself ?

How to protect yourself ?

In California, the zoo, once showed two animals, a sign on the cage which states that they are able to disrupt and destroy the planet Earth, and with it the whole of humanity.In the cage were two representatives of homo sapiens.Not without exaggeration, all the power of human aggression sometimes reaches incredible heights.Also, to date, not only the person poses a danger.This may be the disease, and attacks and scams, and even black magicians.Therefore, today in this article, we will tell you how to protect yourself in this cruel world.

begin with the danger that we can bring themselves, that is, with human aggression, and arise from this dangerous situation.

How to protect yourself from threats

  • Drugs and alcohol are able to lift the restrictions that constrain aggressive actions.That's why the majority of crimes are committed under the influence of these toxic substances.In order not to be subjected to threats, it is important to avoid places where you get drunk, and most do not abuse alcoho
    l, and even with strangers.
  • man quite capable of aggression, if it hurt, so always keep with dignity, show respect for others, as well as better yield to a fool, that he may be right, but it'll be fine.
  • There are some incentives that can spur human aggression.These incentives may be high temperatures, bad smells, unpleasant views, and so on.Therefore, it is important to avoid the places and conditions that can cause massive aggression.For example, in hot weather is better to refuse to travel on public transport, especially in the rush hour, or drive a car during traffic jams.
  • Do not solve conflicts in places where the aggression attributes are: heavy or sharp objects, weapons.For example, in the US, where it is permitted weapons, violence occurs more often in those houses where weapons are stored.
  • Remember that aggression is quite easy to learn.In this regard, it is dangerous to violence on TV.This movies and TV shows in which there are elements of aggression.Therefore it is better to abandon the view and do something useful.

how to protect themselves from disease prevention plan


  • Analyze your existence, what you show weakness, or check out your weaknesses.This may be a faint dream, or the love of sweets, think about how you can get rid of it.Remember
  • than hurt your ancestors and how they lived.This is very valuable information in terms of prevention organization.Go to your physician, and under any pretext, ask for a referral to the biochemical and general analysis of blood, urine.These studies are more than indicative, and if health is not so somewhere something might emerge.
  • also important to know how to protect themselves from the flu.Eat in lifting the incidence of influenza and SARS drug interferon.In pharmacies exist as tablets, and the drops of the drug.How to take it and when you tell your therapist.Also, do not abuse immunostimuljatorami that, if consumed frequently can uniquely affect the human immune system.If someone in the house was ill, use a mask and wash your hands often.Constantly strengthen your immunity.Give up bad habits and consume sufficient quantities of vitamins, especially vitamin C. Try to get enough sleep and discard junk food, fried, fatty, smoked.Exercise, or at least charging.
  • on time vaccination procedure against disease.With vaccines, mankind has been able to get rid of the most dangerous diseases.

How to protect yourself on the Internet

  • basis of the security, above all, is in your head.Do not click on the advertising icons as trying to lure you in low price or unbelievable news, crooks can often take possession of your data by using a virus, with a click advertising malicious application on your PC.
  • Do not download unknown files with a resolution.msi or.exe.These files may well be viruses.
  • Do not click on any banners, even a button to close the banner, because fraudsters prilovchilis cunning in this.To advertising did not bring any inconvenience, please use the supplement AddBlock browser.The application blocks advertising.You can find it in the settings of your web browser, to menu extensions or additions.
  • not enter your e-mail in an unfamiliar form, because your mailbox will be filled with spam.
  • for different sites invent separate passwords, so they are more difficult to pick up.
  • Do not write passwords in text files on the computer.
  • Always hide your e-mail in the social.networks.Or, in extreme cases, makes it accessible only for friends.
  • not go in suspicious emails and do not click on links placed in them.
  • Pick for important sites only complex passwords, and taken seriously to the security question, because he could make life difficult for burglars.
  • Do not click on links in the social.networks, even if the letter came from a friend.
  • When you connect to your PC any removable storage media, always make sure it is not viruses.

How to protect yourself from damage

  • Before you taste the food or drink in restaurants, cafes, a stranger table, even if it be family, we advise you to gently blow on food or drink, and only then eat.All blow away, of course, you can not, but it will be much safer.
  • Do not take flowers from unfamiliar people.Also, do not pick the flowers from the ground, sometimes I want to take someone forgot a bunch, but this can not be done, so you can harm your health and intellect.
  • Do not pick up valuable and beautiful things or money on the street, especially jewelry.This could end badly.Luxury thing can be bought off by death, and by choosing it, you can drag it to ourselves.
  • In no case do not bring things from the graveyard - the earth, things, flowers.So you incur a huge disaster.
  • To reduce the risk of damage, do not hand out your photos.The bride should not sell your wedding dress.Also, do not give your old stuff better destroy them with fire, do not let someone could steal your biomaterial, for example, the hair.Do not show anyone the newborn for 40 days

How to protect yourself from fraud

  • Always obey the laws and know that any questionable transaction may result in unfortunate consequences.
  • Beware of strangers and talkative people who are on the threshold offer profitable commodity.As a result, it may be of poor quality, or break into.An important warning signal is the feeling that you are lucky enough.Stay skeptical and know that any product has its price.
  • not gamble because you beat the scammers will still fail.They will give you a first win and then take away everything.
  • submitting an ad in the newspaper for the sale of valuables, do not leave it in your address or phone.
  • Buy valuables with it better with a partner.
  • Do not buy or sell the currency with a hand.
  • Do not rush to lift a wallet with money, if he was suddenly under your feet.If at this point you will approach a stranger and start talking about the discovery, step aside and say, contact the police.