How to make the course work ?

How to make the course work ?

Course work today - one of the most important practical form of student reports on any particular discipline.Of course, the rules of registration of the course work can be quite different, depending on the institution.However, there are common provisions on registration.How to make out a term paper, and will be the topic of our today's article.But first let's talk about what should be the process of writing this work.

theme of the course work, as a rule, student selects their own.To do this, should be granted a special list, which is a list of available topics for writing.Next, the student selects, studies and analyzes the literature recommended by the teacher.It should be understood that the course work must be carried out independently.Average mechanical rewriting of the text in the literature - is unacceptable.Students should express their opinion and to justify it.

How to draw coursework

Some students, especially those who miss a lot of classes, do not know how to make the course work accor

ding to the rules.Through our website and this article, you will be able to arrange the exchange rate the way it should be.Typically, the volume of foreign exchange should be about 25-30 pages of A4, font Times New Roman, size 14. Print should only be on one side of the sheet.The text of the exchange rate should have such padding:

  • the right of the text - 10 mm
  • the left of the text - 30 mm
  • bottom and top - 20 mm

If the title of the course work consists of more than one application,they are separated by a point.Each new chapter is written on a new page.All pages of the course work must always be numbered in the upper right corner, without a point after the number.

How to make the title page of the course work

Everyone knows that the title page - the first page of your course work.However, the page number is not put here.The text is usually typed in Word font Times New Roman, size 14 pt.

Institution or the Ministry of Education, as well as a topic are typed in capital letters.On the whole, the title page should be following lines:

  1. Full name of the institution;
  2. Department;
  3. discipline, on which was written course work;
  4. theme;
  5. name of the student;
  6. course;
  7. form of learning;
  8. group number;
  9. title and name of the teacher;
  10. City, year performance.

Paragraphs 1-4 and 10, are centered.The rest - to the left.

How to make the content of the course work

content should be on the second sheet, immediately after the title.The content should indicate the main sections of the course work and the corresponding page numbers.Content should not be in tabular form.In it are displayed all the chapters of the course, as well as the conclusion and list of literature that has been used, applications and the like.

How to make links in the course work

Even if you retell someone's idea in your own words, you still must specify the author and source by reference.The text of the exchange rate quotation is, as usual in quotation marks, and then, given a bibliographic reference to the source.In brackets after the quote must be specified book number from your list of references.Also, be sure to set the page number in the book where the words were taken or the author's thoughts.

How to make a footnote in the course work

footnote is usually indicated by either any terms or source of the quotation.Such a reference is made in the bottom of the page, below the line.She called footnote.At the end of the term or quotes put an asterisk (*) or a sequence number (1), which is more convenient for the reader.And below the line once again put the number or the asterisk, and describes the meaning of the author or written quotes, etc.

How to make literature

coursework First and foremost, in the bibliography lists all the regulations, if they are used in your work.Further there are a variety of monographs and textbooks, as well as articles in periodicals.Description of this literature begins with the author's name.Then spell name and output.Literature can also be arranged in alphabetical order.In this first book listed in Russian and then in English, if any.Electronic sources are usually drawn separately.They must present the full web address, and the name of the site or article.The format of the text is the same as the text of the work.

How to make an application in the course work

Applications in the course work is usually formed as a continuation of the project.On the following pages after the list of references.Often what is required to issue an application in the form of a separate, foreign exchange, and work.Each such application begins on a new page in the upper right corner of that and so it is written - "Applications" capital letters.Each application must be meaningful title.If your course work more than one application, then they will be numbered (Appendix 1, Appendix 2, etc.).Tables, formulas, and illustration applications necessarily numbered.

We hope that our recommendations will help you to properly arrange the term paper and get it the highest score.