How to distribute the family budget ?

How to distribute the family budget ?

Each family has its own budget.Its size depends on the income of family members.Despite the fact, how much income does the family, the husband and wife must know how to distribute the family budget wisely, to have enough to at least its new replenishment.Replenishment budget can be planned, such as salary, may be non-routine, such as a bonus.

What costs the family

allocation of the family budget is made up of mandatory spending, unnecessary and unplanned.Every family lay, in the first place money on mandatory spending, the amount of family members usually know, and it is immediately deducted from the family income.And the money that remained, already can be distributed at the discretion of.Mandatory spending includes tuition fees of children, public utility services, if there is a loan, the fee for them and so on.Of the total income deduct the full amount, and the remainder is allocated for the following expenses:

  • food;
  • purchase household items, ie shoes, clothes, household appliances;
  • stock, which is not touched, the amount that may be required for a "rainy day";
  • accumulated funds, they are going in the event that if any place could save;
  • money spent on himself, to make life more pleasant and interesting.

If you know how to properly distribute the family budget, then you know that the lion's share of the money goes to food and life.From the point of view of experts, the correct allocation of the family budget takes place in such a way:

  • necessary needs - 50%;
  • costs which are not mandatory, but desirable - 30%;
  • accumulated funds - 20%.

How to divide the money

entire budget divide in half.One half is spent on mandatory spending, if you can not meet this amount, you need to somehow raise revenue or reduce the amount of payments.Otherwise, you have to skimp on other purchases.If you can spend the money on food less than you had to plan, then we will postpone a certain amount to NZ.On household items, expenses must also be planned.Also keep in mind that you need to spend money on travel, barber shop and other small, seemingly spending, which ultimately translate into a substantial amount.