How to make a budget?

How to make a budget?

theme related to the budget planning is not so and easy."How to create a family budget?"The issue is complex.Let razbremsya first - what kind of a budget, and what we want to make it.

family budget - a tool that allows you to adjust and determine the cash income and family expenses.Properly accounting for the family budget, you can easily avoid unnecessary costs, which is important in the era of our total economy.

to know "how" "to draw up a budget," it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the costs of all family members.To do this, you need to record in detail all expenses for several months.For example, you can create a complete picture of where your money goes is.You may be surprised to know how much is spent on small things without which you could very well do without.After analyzing all the costs, you will understand how to make the budget, to avoid unnecessary costs.

to budget

costs are of two types:

  • planned
  • unforeseen

planning a budget, you need to take into account bo

th these costs, in order to avoid surprises.First you need to paint all the items that will have to take into account when drawing up the budget.Everyone can have their own characteristics in the cost, but you can select items that are common to most families.

Chief among these are:

  1. Utilities.
  2. Payment loans.
  3. costs for mobile communications and the Internet.
  4. Transport costs.
  5. Insurance.
  6. Payment kindergarten.
  7. training costs and training materials.
  8. food costs.There will need to be singled out eating out, for example in the dining room and cafeteria.
  9. Expenditure on clothing and footwear.
  10. acquisition hygiene.
  11. Expenditure on medicines and treatment is paid.
  12. Expenditure on sports facilities, including the purchase of sports equipment, forms, tickets and simulators.
  13. Spending on leisure and recreation, as well as hobbies.
  14. Spending on pets.
  15. Spending on holidays and gifts.
  16. pocket expenses.

These are the main points, but every family they may be supplemented or slightly modified, depending on the habits and lifestyle.Also, ideally, in the column "costs" are entered click "Savings".It is a certain amount or a certain percentage of income that is deposited on a monthly basis.What - you decide, perhaps for purchasing something expensive, and perhaps to have a reserve in case of unexpected financial difficulties.

Once you have decided on expenses, you will need to calculate the amount of the monthly family income.These include salaries, scholarships, pensions, bonuses, dividends, interest on deposits and odd jobs.Next, you will distribute income on all the items on your budget, and stick to the amounts received by spending money.

Four envelope

If you think that to consider every penny too much trouble, maybe you will approach another method of family planning budget.It is that of the family monthly income deducted mandatory costs such such as paying utility bills and so on. N. The remaining amount is divided into four parts and is decomposed into separate envelopes.Every week you spend money only from one envelope without touching the rest.If the end of the week some amount will be spared, you can postpone it or to spend on something nice.

Such a system is good because it does not require laborious counting all for several months of expenses.Dividing money into four parts, you represent roughly the amount that you can spend a day without sacrificing your budget.Adhering to such a scheme, if you have not set aside a significant amount, in any case, cease to borrow money until payday.

Now that you have learned "how to make the budget", choose the method that suits you, and start planning costs.