How to count the money ?

How to count the money ?

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How to count the money?

There are situations when you need to quickly and accurately count the money.For example, you received a large sum of money in the bank or just get a change from a large bill at the store.Considers it necessary on the spot, because then make a claim that you have given short of money, you will not be able.

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Here are some simple but effective ways to count, you'll have easy access when needed.You will know how to count money, without spending a lot of time:

  1. Counting fan.To do this, lay a big fan of money in his hand or on the table.It is important that the bill did not stick together and were fairly new, otherwise the process will become complicated.Lay the fan so that the corners of the bills were visible.Folded several corners (5-10), thus they will descend and form has a lower fan.If all the bills of the same denomination, the counting is done very quickly.This is an effective way to quickly count the money,
    without losing at the same time.
  2. counting of boxed.In our country, most people use it this way putting a pile of money in his left hand, holding her hand and little finger.With the thumb of the left hand alternately push and move the bill in his right hand.The number of bills recount aloud or in your mind.Use slow tactics on the bill every tenth - 10, 20, 30. This is the most common way of how to count money, without being confused with the calculations.
  3. If you feel at home, lay a stack of money on the table.Especially this method is useful when the notes are many and different denominations.

How quickly count the money in the mind?

Often there are situations when it is necessary to multiply the sum by a certain multiple of the number, but it's hard enough to do in your mind.In this case, the multiplication will round this number up to (10, 20, and so on. D.) And its subsequent division by the coefficient.

Use a simple formula:

  • (A * B) = (A * 2B) / 2, where
  • A - any number;
  • B - 5, 25, 50, 125.


  • 12 * 5 = (12 * 10) / 2 = 120 2 = 60.

Addition and subtraction of natural numbers

We do notalways work with round numbers in money matters, and this is essential to make life easier since it is easier to add to the lump sum and make it subtracts, and not be considered a rough number.To do this, there are two interesting mathematical tricks.

  • Addition: if you increase one term into several units, and the second by a similar number of units decrease, then the amount will remain unchanged.

For example: 234 + 456 = (234 + 6) + (456 - 6) = 690

  • Subtraction: add or subtract the same number of units, and the difference is not changed according to this method to the numbers.

For example: 567 - 246 = (567 + 3) - (246 + 3) = 570 - 249 = 321

How to calculate the discount?

you come into the store and saw that on the goods you like a discount, but just can not understand how much did you buy such a cost.Here is a simple method of calculating the cost of taking into account discounts.

For example, the discount is 25%.We can accept 100% per unit.Thus, our 25% interest will become 0.25.Multiply the value of the goods at this rate, you will find the discount.

Example: goods worth 500 rubles.Discount - 20%.Consequently, the size of discounts: 500 * 0.2 = 100 rubles.

To find the final cost of the goods, should be between 1 to subtract the discount factor and multiplied by the price of goods on the resulting number.

Example: goods worth 500 rubles.Discount - 20%.Consequently, the value of the goods with the discount: 500 * 0.8 = 400 rubles.

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