How to make a purse Yandex ?

How to make a purse Yandex ?

Yandex.Money - a convenient service of electronic payments.With it, you can pay the mobile phone, Internet, utilities and traffic fines, to make purchases in shops and online games, transfer money to other users and even start their own bank card tied to Yandex.Naturally, to get access to all these features, to register, and in this article we'll show you how to have a purse on Yandex.

Register in Yandex

If you do not have an account in Yandex, Yandex go to the registration page.To make an electronic purse Yandex, to start think up a login and password to login.Password can contain Latin letters, numbers and symbols with the number keys, the keyboard (other characters can not be used).The more complex it is, the better.Password must be entered twice to eliminate the possibility of errors.You also need to provide your mobile phone and enter the verification code from the image.So you sign up for Yandex.

The next step is to make Yandex-purse.Enter the code you come in SMS, enter your e-mail addre

ss, which will be notified, and check the box "I accept the User Agreement and Yandex Yandex and give my consent to the processing of my personal data according to the rules of confidentiality and Yandex Yandex,I connect one-time passwords. "Then click "Open purse."Done!Now you can enjoy all the features of the system.

How to make Yandex-purse: User

If you are already registered, for example, in Yandex.Mail, make electronic purse Yandex easier than ever - just go to the Yandex.Money website and click on "Open the wallet."Enter your mobile phone number to which the SMS will be sent with a password to confirm transactions, and enter the security code from the image.

In the next step, enter the code sent to you in the SMS, enter on any e-mail address should receive the notification about the operations and take the user agreement by clicking the check box.Click "Open purse."