How to register in your wallet ?

How to register in your wallet ?

At the moment, one of the most popular e-wallets are QIWI system Webmoney.They are used by many people in our country, but some people are often the question arises, how to register in your wallet QIWI and Webmoney.In this article, we will respond, how to register and become a user of the system kiwi and webmoney.

registration procedure in Webmoney

Register in Webmoney system usually many users cause great difficulties.It really is difficult and we will review it briefly in this article.

  1. First you need to click on the link.Enter your mobile phone number with which you will communicate via sms with the system Webmoney.After that, you will need to enter the series and number of the passport, as well as other passport data.Now, enter your email address and click "ok".
  2. Wait for registration confirmation letter.In it you will be presented with a special code that must be entered in the registration form.
  3. thus partially registration procedure will be completed in Webmoney system.
  4. However, in order to use the function to create purses and get a certificate to use Webmoney wallet, you will need to perform some other action.

details on how to create a purse in system Webmoney, you can learn in the article How to create a Webmoney.

registration procedure in the system QIWI

  1. The system kiwi up a lot easier than in Webmoney.To do this, simply navigate to the registration page and enter your mobile phone number.
  2. is also necessary to enter the numbers from the image.
  3. Do not forget to give your consent to the terms of the offer.Then click "Register" and you will automatically get into the purse system.
  4. Now you can use your mobile phone to recharge and transfer of funds to the wallet in the kiwi.You can also use the payment terminals and internet banking.

For more information on the topic please contact our article How to make KIWI (QIWI) purse.