How to translate with webmoney on qiwi and vice versa?

How to translate with webmoney on qiwi and vice versa?

Many users have to deal with the transfer of money from a purse on WebMoney Qiwi and vice versa.To conduct such an operation is not difficult for all those who use the detailed instructions.It is powered on.

How to transfer Qiwi on Webmoney

If you need to transfer Qiwi on Webmoney, proceed as follows:

  1. Go into your purse KIWI system by typing in the appropriate fields password and the phone number that was specified when it registration.Just note, if you have the required amount to convert.If necessary, top up the purse KIWI one of the methods described here: How to fund Kiwi purse.
  2. Go to the "Performance", located in a column to the left of the screen.In it, select the line «Webmoney Ltd. Guarantee Office."Then open the form.You need to fill it.In the "Amount" box, type in the required number to transfer money.In the next field, enter the WebMoney purse number, and then click "Download."
  3. Now you will wait for the translation will be sent to the recipient.It usually takes a few minutes.But i
    f there is an overload KIWI system for transfers, the transaction can take place with some delay (no more than 2 hours).
  4. Please note that the minimum kiwi purse to be translated 2 rubles, and the maximum you can list no more than 14 999 rubles.When making a payment system, a charge of 5%.

How to transfer to Webmoney to Qiwi

If you need to transfer to Webmoney to Qiwi certain amount of money, it is required not only to have a purse in the system, but also be sure to "Formal passport»:

  1. Follow this link:, go through the authentication and fill in the form available on the page.Please enter only valid data.Then you need to go to the tab "My Documents" and attach it scans your passport.Then it is necessary to wait more than an hour.During this time, the administration of the system will check the documents and give you a formal certificate.
  2. now go online payment authorization KIWI system.On the main page, look at the right-hand column.In it, click on the line «Webmoney account to the wallet Snap Qiwi.Then the form appears.Fill it with reliable data.Note that they must be identical to those that you used to register in Webmoney system.Then will only click "Snap."
  3. The system starts checking the data.If they have been entered correctly, the page you are prompted to continue the binding pocket.It is necessary to go for it on the link.It will redirect to another page with a small form, in which the need to enter the code.It will be automatically sent to the payment system on your phone that you specified when registering it.Then click on the "Continue" button.
  4. window appears.It will be asked to transfer the money.Select «Webmoney on Qiwi» and enter the desired amount.As a result, the expense will be formed, it already paid via Webmoney.You will need to go into it in the "Accounts" section to find "the user Qiwi».You will need to confirm the payment "OK" button.Then, your phone will receive the code, please enter it into the opened window on the Webmoney website and click on "Pay".

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