How to put money on webmoney?

How to put money on webmoney?

Buy online stores using the other services of the virtual space, many people eventually realize that they need to have your account in the Webmoney electronic payment system - one of the most popular in Russia.Once registered in the system, it seems logical that the question arises as to put the money to Webmoney, because the expense was recorded to make payments from that.

terminal QIWI

Deposit money into your WMR purse can be via QIWI terminal, which can be found in any Russian city and beyond.For this purpose, the terminal menu select "Payments", after clicking on it will open the following layout, which has the line "E-commerce".Click on this box, and then you will see a list of payment systems.Choose "of Webmoney" system, in particular, "the completion of Webmoney purses ruble", click on this box.

Now you only need to enter the number of a purse, which will be carried out and the amount of replenishment.In the appropriate box enter the number, and it does not matter, it will be your accoun

t or the seller, and click "Next".After connecting to the terminal server (this will take some time), the terminal will ask you to enter your mobile phone number - it is necessary in cases where the payment can not be credited for some reason.After entering the phone number, press "Next", insert money terminal (the amount will appear on the screen), press the "Pay".Now that you know how to put the money via Webmoney via QIWI terminal.

Through Sberbank

Holders of Sberbank of Russia cards can deposit funds in Webmoney, but you need to have access to the system Sberbank - line, and in fact, to fasten to this system your card.If you go to any branch of the Savings Bank with your passport and write the appropriate application, then your card can be used in the system Sberbank - Online.

to put money to Webmoney wallet, you must go to the - site of the Savings Bank - Online, enter your user name and password.Before you open the menu, which has the line "operations", click on it - the following menu appears, in which we are interested in window "Other services".Next, go to the "Webmoney" line, will see a list of cards (if you have in the bank there are multiple cards) or one card.You must enter the number of R-purse, the amount you want to transfer to Webmoney, and click the "Next" button.We confirm our actions, that is, the transaction.