As the bill ?

As the bill ?

Everyone is faced with how to invoice, very often.Example - payment of housing and communal services.Let's see what the score, its variants and methods of its transmission to the client.

What is the score?

account - it is a regular document, which listed the seller or performer of works (legal entity or entrepreneur), address, account number and details of the servicing bank, the list of goods or services to be paid, indicating the quantity, price, and, ifappropriate, the value added tax.For the convenience of the internal document, the number and date.It serves as a basis, in coordination head, to pay by bank transfer or cash.

special approved form of a bill, no, all the programs for accounting or document, use a different layout, meaning the same: User X (sometimes even without details), pays the seller Y, C complete list of details, a certain amount ofgoods or services.All the conditions for the transfer of goods (performance of services), stipulated in the contract, the sale of (performance

services) with the phrase "passed - received", recorded in the invoice or the act of reception and transmission.To set the bill does not even require a signature manager and chief accountant of the enterprise!Authorized by the order of the person is enough to sign, or even a simple signature on the statement Accounting primary documents.

Why do I need an account?

Account needed other tools such as an invoice, just to speed up the calculation is not between the parties.As a preliminary agreement where the seller assigns the prices of their goods and services, and the buyer, without a contract the hands (hand in different cities), he agrees with them, and on this basis makes a payment, and upon receipt of the goods, draw up other documents.Account is issued in one copy.

In finance - billed invoice is already a serious economic document.It is used by legal entities and entrepreneurs who are payers of value added tax.Exhibited by the seller or contractor, after the sale of goods or services.Used to confirm the payment of VAT and excise duties.In addition, carries information about the country of origin, the number of cargo customs declaration (if the imported goods).It has strictly prescribed form is the basis for the buyer to deduct VAT charged by the seller (executor).Write out in duplicate.

to bill the organization need to fill out certain forms.As well as all documents related to the calculation of taxes (especially VAT), strictly considered, including, and an invoice.The form can be download on various sites, turning upon request in the search engines.

VAT payers received account - invoices are entered in the "Books of purchases", and issued in the "Book of sales."Even if the goods are sold at a VAT rate of 0%, the document will still be issued, indicating the VAT column 0. Fill only VAT payers.There is a caveat in how to bill an individual in a case where the buyer (customer) a natural person, or the payer of this tax: clearance allowed one account - invoice for "Books sales."

How to invoice - an invoice to the client?

You can go to the office of the company, to order, to conclude a contract (or without it), and get an account at hand.After that, pay the order on the spot in cash or by wire transfer through your bank using the payment order or the client system - the bank.After payment get your hands on the goods (service) together with the invoice (the act of reception and transmission).

With cash payment is clear.When paying by transfer all tolerant, where the parties are in the same small town.And if the different regions?A much more practical by telephone to agree on the list and the price of goods or services, then billed for the service and obtain a copy of any convenient way: by fax or e-mail.Pay for it to come item personally and get all the original documents (including the above-mentioned account), or by agreeing on delivery, to receive all the documents to the goods or by mail.

Here is as simple as an invoice, the operation is easy deal.After all, in fact, as a basis for payment of goods or services, the bill does not give the seller the right to money transferred by the buyer, before the registration of the invoice (the act of reception - transmission).Once an invoice to an individual will be able to firm-seller, you can safely, without fear transfer the money on the basis of a fax or scanned copy, of course, if you trust your partner.If you refuse to pay, no consequences and corrections to the seller!

Before invoice invoice, it is issued by the seller upon delivery of the goods or performance of services.The form and rules of filling regulated governmental regulations.To be filled in strict requirement with the law and is valid only in the original, signed by the head and chief accountant of the enterprise.Invoice - the invoice is issued on the basis of a contract and a document confirming the transaction, as well as a document for the VAT and excise tax report.

How to invoice?

summarize how to properly bill for conducting financial transactions.The account is used for pre-payment for the goods you are interested in services.If an invoice for advance payment for the goods delivered before payment, the basis for goods (services) is a payment account - an invoice or bill.Both documents are allowed to fill in by hand, and, on the account - invoice printing is optional.

make a payment on the account can be using the fax or scan a copy obtained by e-mail.Invoice - the invoice is valid only in the original.