Where a psychologist ?

Where a psychologist ?

article is dedicated to connoisseurs of the human soul - psychologists - or rather, their employment.Profession, this for me is not entirely a stranger, so the scope of activities of a psychologist I know not by hearsay.Let us first list the general direction of the work as possible, and then to move on to specific occupations.I note that we consider the work of the psychologist in its pure form, and it is in those areas where there is such a position (whether company staff psychologist or counselor).

Activitiesi psychologist

First, we note that for psychologists, there are two main areas of work.This is a private practice and employment.The first option, of course, more profitable, but open your center of psychological care, or even just to work as an independent consultant is quite difficult - especially for beginners psychologists.Usually do so: first, get a job (employed in any psychological center or public institution), accumulated knowledge and practical experience.The next step is an ind

ependent activity as a psychologist-consultant or invite experts (in this case it is not just the employment, and working with one or another organization).And then already veteran psychologist can open your own center.Someone is satisfied with his own advice, and someone is not enough, and he hires other professionals.The most advanced psychologists combine consultancy work with scientific activity.By the way, creating its own center of psychological care may contribute to the growth of the psychologist as a scientist - in fact it is possible to observe not only his work.But we are far from it, so let's move on to specific job options.

Where can work psychologist

First of all, any psychologist can get to the center of psychological care - both public and private.It is worth noting that the civil service is not particularly clear up here, because the state pays psychologists penny.Therefore, many people choose a private structure.Of course, there is definitely need to make allowances for the Russian mentality.Our people apply to psychologists do not like, preferring friendly advice, or does hold all the problems inside.It is neither good nor bad, but simply because it is.And young professionals, the psychologist it is necessary to take this into account when applying for a job.Also suitable option and staff work as a psychologist in any organization.For example, in the enterprise, the company, in kindergarten, in school, in higher education, etc.This option is suitable and experienced psychologists, and those who are just starting their way specialist.This work teaches us a lot and quickly, so a large number of young professionals today are choosing this path, but some of this work is so fascinated that they would not trade her for no other.The work in the organization is good that the psychologist studies clearly identify the types of people, and because of his decision depends on what the management's opinion about one or another candidate for the vacant position.

Other options work

Where work psychologist yet?There is also an option with the provision of psychological assistance to people in emergency situations.For example, the Ministry of Emergency Situations are working psychologists.However, in order to apply for a job, a little psychological education - need more and specific training in the MOE structure.You may ask why I have not highlighted other areas in which the psychologist can work?In fact, everything is simple: the fact that we are talking about the work of a psychologist by profession, and in areas such as sales or advertising, no psychologist positions in its purest form - where these skills are used only in order to successfully sell.A successfully apply their skills as a psychologist can be in almost any field.