How to withdraw money from Webmoney?

How to withdraw money from Webmoney?

Webmoney - one of the most reliable purses, but this site is hardly friendly interface and intuitive, which is why even such a primitive task as withdrawal, generates a lot of questions.

Let's see how to withdraw money from Webmoney.

We make a conclusion

  1. Go to the home page Webmoney.
  2. In the "Individuals" we click select "Print".
  3. In the new window you will see a large table, horizontally you need to find a purse that you are using (WMZ, WMR, WME, etc...), The vertical - the output path (bank card, bank transfer, internet banking,money order and so on. d.).
  4. now refer to a cell, which was formed at the intersection of your purse type and output path, and click on the link "Read more" to it (if the cell is empty, this type of display is not possible).
  5. For example, we have chosen the WMR-purse, withdrawal by bank transfer.Please note that the fee will be 0.8% of the transfer.Hit the link "Read more".
  6. In the next window you will be prompted to select a particular type of translation - "bank tra
    nsfer", "bank transfer to pay off the loan in the Bank of Russian Federation" or "postal order".Determine the type of transfer and click "Next".
  7. Now the system will ask you to enter your login (it can be a phone number) and password, as well as the verification code from the image.Enter the data and click the "Login" button.
  8. Provided that you correctly entered, you'll get a window in which you specify the details - the bank's BIC, bank name, corr / account, checking account, VAT number of the recipient and the recipient's name.Enter the required data and click "Next".
  9. now need to enter the amount you wish to withdraw.The system immediately calculate the commission.Specify the amount and click the "Next" button.
  10. In the new window you have to confirm the transfer conditions by checking the appropriate box.Put a check mark and click "Next".
  11. The notification window will appear next on the successful operation, but at the same time you will be notified that the funds will be withdrawn only "after paying the bill."In fact, you do not have to pay anything, but only confirm the desire to make a deal.

confirm operation

easiest way to confirm the operation through a special application Keeper Mobile:

  1. Install the app on your phone (you can download it in the App Store, Play Market and WP Store).
  2. Log on using the existing username and password.
  3. Go to "Account" tab.
  4. Click the invoice, select "Pay" button.
  5. be prompted to confirm that you want to pay the bill, click "OK".

Now the application should notify you of the success of the operation - the funds will be transferred to the account within a week, but more often they are credited for the night.

As you can see, the path is not very simple, but all the same Webmoney purse has remained popular.Firstly, due to the wide functionality, and secondly, due to the high degree of protection.So be patient, and - go ahead!Do not worry, in a couple of conclusions will perform the operation on the machine is very fast!

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