How to create a Webmoney?

How to create a Webmoney?

If you have decided to earn extra income online, or want to make purchases in stores world wide web, you can not do without the electronic payment system WebMoney.You can also use it for the money transfer anywhere in the world with a very low percentage.It is 0.8% of the amount transferred from purse to purse.To do this simply requires that the sender and receiver have been registered in the system.To do this, you need to know how to create a WebMoney purse.It is not difficult and takes a little time.

What is WebMoney

WebMoney is a very convenient system for transactions with money on the Internet.Its main positive aspect is that it payments are made instantly.You send the money, and after a few seconds they were the recipient.For input and output means you can take advantage of special items, open in your town.Find their addresses is easy: on the official site.For information on how to exchange money on signs WebMoney currency of your country, please read the article "How to withdraw Webmoney?


Using the electronic payment system WebMoney, you will experience some of its positive aspects.These include:

  • Handling any amounts without leaving home.
  • No matter where your partner at work.To share them with money you can in any case, in a matter of seconds.
  • Low transfer commission, only 0.8% of the transferred amount.
  • well-organized defense, a necessary confirmation of payments and personal information changes.
  • In a few I / O points means in every city of the world.

How to create

purse Making Sense of the highlights of how to create webmoney.For the initial registration in the WebMoney system, you must follow the link: Register on WebMoney service.Here it is necessary to begin by entering a mobile phone number.It is very convenient, because through it you will carry out the transfer of funds confirmation and change their registration data.Also, the phone number will help you to quickly and easily recover your password if it is lost.

Then follow the instructions and fill in all required fields.To enter only accurate information is important.When you withdraw funds, you will need an identification document.This information contained in it must coincide with the data entered in the registration e-wallet.

After completing the registration, a confirmation cell phone numbers and e-mail address, your wallet is ready to use.You will be assigned a unique 12-digit code - WMID.Inside it are your wallets.They can be attached to different currencies.The most common:

  • WMZ- purse - the US dollar;
  • WMR-purse - the Russian ruble;
  • WME-purse - the euro.

for WebMoney exchange rate at the time made conversion of one currency to another in just a few seconds.To control their wallets, you can use a variety of applications you have to download on the official website.

Types WebMoney Keeper

Before you create webmoney purse, you need to decide on an application option for management.WM Keeper is a software that provides access to system participants to its services and to their personal e-wallets.Depending on the type of installation and management distinguishes between the following programs:

  • WM Keeper is the most common simple and convenient.Implemented in plain site, it provides access to all the basic functions of your account.
  • My WebMoney - a family of applications, each of which is installed on your mobile phone, allows you to manage wallets.It has programs for a variety of desktop and mobile operating systems.Which, in turn, provide the opportunity to:
    • replenishing, transfer and money exchange;
    • prescribing and paying bills;
    • view the history of all operations;
    • conduct secure correspondence.

My WebMoney supports the following operating systems:

  • Google Android;
  • Windows Phone;
  • MacOS;
  • Linux;
  • Apple iOS;
  • Samsung Bada.

also is developing applications for the iPad, and Java.

WM Keeper Classic is an application for Microsoft Windows.It is made as a separate program installed on your computer, and supports the following operating systems:

  • Windows 2000;
  • Windows 2003;
  • Windows XP;
  • Windows Vista;
  • Windows 7;
  • Windows 8.

WM Keeper Light is a browser application for working in any of them.Its operation is independent of the installed operating system.It is suitable for users who can not install on a separate computer WM Keeper Classic software.Also use Keeper Light is possible with any mobile device with Internet access.To use this application, you must install a root certificate in your browser.This is done during the registration process.

WM Keeper Mobile is an application for mobile devices.It allows you to manage your wallets from any phone, smartphone, PDA, PDA or tablet.All this is possible thanks to the software versions for Android applications, iPhone, Java and Windows Mobile.

main advantages of WM Keeper Mobile is:

  • low bandwidth consumption;
  • nrostoe menu management system WebMoney;
  • safety achieved by encrypting all teams on Triple DES algorithm.

You can choose when registering WM Keeper, you are comfortable throughout.Now you know how to create webmoney purse, and you can see for yourself that this system is not only reliable, but also very easy to manage.