How to create an e-wallet ?

How to create an e-wallet ?

It has long been common knowledge that the Internet provides an opportunity not only to relax and find new friends, but also presents an excellent opportunity to earn.For online earnings you need to create an e-wallet.To begin with we shall understand, what is an e-wallet.

What is an e-wallet

electronic wallet called your personal account in a particular service, such as Webmoney, Kiwi, Yandex-purse.On the wallet stores your money, the currency can be either, depending on the country in which you live and which currency you prefer to use.With the help of the electronic purse, you can pay for purchases in shops, pay for services, such as telephone, internet, cable.Also, some services allow you to output the electronic money in the usual bills, to use them not only in the virtual world.

Create wallet

If you have decided and have decided that you need such a service, there is a question in front of you, how to create an e-wallet?To start, you need to decide on which service you want to have a pu


To create an e-wallet kiwi, you need to log in kiwi and go through a simple registration by entering your cell phone number, password, your account will come up with the system itself.

To create an electronic purse webmoney, you have to go to the site of service, to register, to receive the certificate, and also download the program WebMoney mini order that you could pay for goods and services, transfer money.

Create electronic purse Yandex easiest way to visit the site, come up with a login and password if you wish, tie a purse to a phone number and you can start to fully use the service.No additional no-download software.

no special requirements would not be offered to create an electronic purse, you just need to select the service that you think is easier to use and more common.No cash investment services do not require a passport details you can provide, upon request, such as WebMoney, they may need to improve the certificate, which will allow you to output the electronic money to a bank card.

If you have any problems with registration or have additional questions, you can look for answers in the following articles: "How to create of Webmoney?" And "How to create a Yandex-purse?".