How to remove WebMoney?

How to remove WebMoney?

Internet - a virtual world where you can buy, sell, rent, lease, operate.This circumstance made it necessary opportunity vzaimorasschetov remaining in the network.WebMoney - one of the most popular electronic payment systems, which made it possible.The popularity of this system shows its reliability, but reliability can not be easy.Not so easy to control and guarantee consumers that they will not be deceived, do not obkradut and if obkradut, the scammer will vycheslit.

Why do I say this?Because the question about how to remove WebMoney can be as innocuous desire to simply remove unwanted and unclaimed purse, and the desire to cover his tracks fraudster with the "crime scene".

Even the most reliable system that works with the finances, is subject to illegal operations.But constantly to be improved for the protection of consumers' rights system, and this deals with Webmoney.After all, a little earlier, this system allows the user to remove wallets, with which removes the entire history of financial

transactions.Faced with fraud in the system, this service (removal of purses) became unavailable.Now delete purses in WebMoney impossible.

On the internet are full of questions about WebMoney (how to remove a purse? Retiring from the system at all? Do you can retire? Etc.), and some of the articles you can find the answer, which refers to the possibility of the operation.Do not rejoice: the information there or obsolete or incompetent.

Currently (January 2013) the removal of purses is not possible, but the question of how to remove yourself from WebMoney relevant, so I will answer so - you can cancel the agreement (to deactivate your account), but stuck with yours registration WMID and information about it togetherwith the whole history will remain in the registry.In simple terms, information about you will always remain in the system, but you yourself will not be able to use its services.

deactivation is as follows: e-mail her write a letter to the WebMoney support, explain its cause and the request are sending.Perhaps you will be asked a few more questions, but in general the process is not delayed.That's all, your full wallets and fewer reasons for removal from the system.