KIWI (Qiwi) -koshelek - how to withdraw money ?

KIWI (Qiwi) -koshelek - how to withdraw money ?

Electronic Payment System "through QIWI Purse" was founded by company "Mobile Wallet" in 2006.In the market the brand of this payment system appeared in 2008.

Today, with the help of "KIWI Wallet" can pay for the services of public utilities, Internet service providers, mobile operators.You can also buy tickets on planes, trains, make payments on bank loans, and others.

But not everyone knows how to start using the features of the payment system.For example, you have "Kiwi Purse" as withdraw money from it, if necessary?There are several ways, which will be discussed below Withdraw money from e «QIWI purse" payment system.

Bank cards / accounts

  • On site payment system you need to go in the "Output" tab in the payment service, and select "Bank accounts / cards."
  • Next, select the desired card or bank account.
  • then you must specify the amount to be deducted from the purse given percentage commission.
  • Next, you need:
    • choose the type of account (credit card number, account or contract);
    • specify the number;
    • select the desired operation (account replenishment, credit repayment, replenishment cards);
    • choose to pay using the "KIWI Wallet".
  • After performing these operations, but before you remove the "KIWI Wallet" money, you need to click the right mouse button on the button "Download".

Sometimes some banks need to indicate the date and place of birth, name and surname of the account holder, which will be carried out withdrawals.


  • In the "Output" on the site "through QIWI Purse" you must select the "Money Transfer".
  • On the screen appears a list of companies that provide translation services.
  • Choosing the right company, you must specify the amount of the transfer, the transfer of funds to the sender's name and name of the recipient.

Accustomed to the payment service «QIWI purse", you will enjoy all its benefits.For now do not have to stand in line for payment of utility bills.In addition, you can make a payment at any time.