What is WebMoney?

What is WebMoney?

WebMoney - is a way to electronic payments, money to operate in the virtual world of the Internet.With their help, you can pay for any goods and services.There are three types of existing operations with WebMoney:

  • Translation rubles, euros or dollars in virtual - WebMoney.
  • Implementation WebMoney transfers or payments via the Internet.
  • Conclusion WebMoney virtual money into real rubles, dollars or euros.

What WebMoney is not hearsay know already about 1 million people -. Participants of the system, headquartered in Moscow (113035, Moscow, street Sadovnicheskaya house 71).

Why the need webmoney-service

The main advantage of using WebMoney is probably in the blink of operations.The recipient will receive the money within a few seconds after you send them.Another advantage, quite significant, is that you can get money without leaving your computer.The distance is not important.Even assuming that the payer is several thousand kilometers - no problems;Commission for operations 0.8%.

What is Webmoney Keeper Classic

to manage your virtual wallet you download and install on your computer, so-called keeper.To do this, click on the link and it download the program: WM Keeper Classic (Russian version).

After that, you will need to becoming it on your PC.To do this, unzip the file Webmoney Keeper Classic.rar and run wm2.EXE.

Thus, you will get own WebMoney-keeper, which will be installed on your computer and connected to the system WebMoney.Now you can manage your virtual wallets.In them something and will keep your money.

For virtual money WebMoney you need to tell your partner the number of purse.Add the contents of the purse, you also will be able to.For this purpose, a plurality of different variants of the system.Details regarding the use of the system can be specified in the WebMoney website.