How to write IT- CV?

How to write IT- CV?

in the field of IT-technology specialists are among the most highly paid and sought after.However, competition in the labor market in this area is very high.Without the ability to be a competent summary can not do.To learn how to write a resume IT-that will help you stand out from dozens of applicants for the job, will help you understand our article.

Your resume must meet the general requirements for such documents.But it is also possible to distinguish the nuances of presentation of information in the IT-resume.

purpose of resume / desired position

must specify the position for which applying in this column.Do not write "administrator", "designer", "programmer".Today, employees of IT-sphere are more specialized, and you need to specify.For example, "web programmer", "PHP developer".


In this column should indicate not only the name of the institution, department, and years of study.Our universities are generalists, and employers interested in the specialization.Therefore, the info

rmation about the visit of seminars, trainings, tests Brainbench, the specialization course is no less important.This will be your additional advantage in the struggle for position.

Information on knowledge of English must necessarily be reflected in your resume.It is desirable that it is confirmed by a certificate of completion of courses, passing tests or participation in the English-speaking conferences.Job IT-specialist is closely related to English-language programs and documentation, so the majority of employers are interested in hiring a person to work, knowing this language.It is especially important for English language proficiency of applicants for a job in an international company.

Experience / Functional responsibilities

This paragraph summary should be given special attention.Wrong will just list job.Information from such an employer can gain a minimum of data.Much more important is how you can describe in detail your responsibilities at the previous workplace.Such a summary greater interest of the employer, since it will be, how you come to work.

Depending on what position you are applying for, fill in this section will be different.We suggest you familiarize yourself with the possible questions that must be answered your resume.


  • number of subordinates;
  • responsibilities;
  • results of the department / company during your leadership;
  • positive changes that have passed with your participation (introduction of the practice of holding monthly seminars or training courses, and so on. D.).

programmers / developers

  • field of activity;
  • team size;
  • kinds of tasks that were solved, what technologies were used at the same time;
  • way to exercise control over the execution of tasks;
  • if you organized the work of other team members and responsible for the quality of its performance - it also should be reflected in your resume.

System and network administrators, technical support engineers

  • sphere of activity of the companies in which you have worked, the number of their personnel, the number of branches;
  • number of users who have been supported;
  • way of organizing the working process (locally or remotely);
  • 1st or 2nd line support.

Implementation Specialist (IT-consultants)

  • in the implementation of what was involved;
  • what terms were given for performance of tasks;
  • results.


  • transfer projects projects, coordinated by a brief description;
  • number of subordinates;
  • with which partners have to work together;
  • detailed description of the powers and duties;
  • assumed whether the work is communication with customers.

Additional information and personal qualities

  • When writing this section, "Personal characteristics" is not necessary to list all the personal characteristics.The IT-CV is appropriate to write the qualities that will be useful in further work: diligence, ability to handle stress, ability to work in the mode of lack of time, focus, fast learner, responsible, orderly, analytical mind.
  • Here you can mention the most outstanding personal achievements:.. The existence of patents, the performance at specialized conferences, forums, participation in specialized exhibitions, the availability of publications, etc.
  • Do not forget to write the desired type of employment (partial or full-time, distant work).