How do you form ?

How do you form ?

Any self-respecting organization is simply obliged to have a letterhead.This is useful for sending emails as your partners, and various state and municipal institutions.How to make a letterhead?Usually, it trying to engage the services of professional designers.And in most cases, it is really justified, because you finally get something original, allowing you to allocate from the crowd of similar companies.But, if you are in the very beginning of his career, you can try to create such a form on their own.In principle, this will be enough confident to use Microsoft Office.So, now let's move to a detailed consideration of the question: "how to make a letterhead?ยป

To properly develop its own form, it is necessary to sustain some of the requirements for its design.With them you will find, if you look at the GOST R.30-2003, which clearly spelled out how to issue such documents.However, this standard is not mandatory, but only advisory in nature, therefore, no requirement to adhere to, and what not - y

ou decide.How to make a form so that it looks creative, and at the same time, all the necessary requirements have been met?

To make letterhead, open a new blank A4 page in a text editor.Divide mentally list the three horizontal lines, and the top third break in half vertically.In the upper left part of the page you want to place the following information:

  • company name and its logo;
  • address, contact details, bank details;
  • leave dashes in the field in order to enter the handle date and number;

In the upper right part of the letterhead, it will be necessary to specify the destination.It needs to register with the name of the organization where he works.Moreover, the company name must be in the nominative case, and the receiver in the genitive.Next will come the main text of the letter.How to make a letterhead correctly?Check the text for errors, format, line width, and set the margins from the beginning of the red line.After the main text will only put the signatures of the persons on whose behalf you submit a letter with their full names and positions.

We told you about the main points, which answer questions about how to make the form.Remember that sending correspondence to a nicely decorated letterhead, you show recipients how serious your relationship even for such "trifles".

Well, if you're wondering how to make the form original and unusual, then here it is best to hire the services of experts - professional designers who can create a form for every taste and color.After creating the form, you can print it on any paper - as a simple office, and on the original - design.The latter option may involve a high density, different watermarks and numerous colors.In any case, ignore the registration form is not necessary.