How do you print ?

How do you print ?

In this short tutorial, I'll tell you how to make a print in Photoshop quickly and easily.For example, we take an ordinary passport stamp.


  1. to make the print their own hands, to get started, create a document with a white background up (background) and black front (foreground).Image size will install 300 to 300 pixels, so that we later received a perfect circle.
  2. Now create the outer ring of our print and add the desired inscription by any suitable type for you.
  3. Next you need to select the text layer and options of text - "Warp text".Select the "Arc - Horizontal" and set the value of "Bend" to 100%.
  4. After that duplicate the layer command "Duplicate layer" a new layer and rotate 180 degrees.For this we use in the "Edit" menu, then "Transform" and finally, "the Rotate 180".To get the circle, we turn to the second layer.
  5. Now create a new layer and select the tool "Pen".The amount must be equal to 0px.Then with the command "Ellitical marquee tool", we draw a circle outside the text and conv
    ert path into a selection.With the help of the known commands "Edit" and "Transform" adjust the allocation in such a way as to place it in the center and perform a stroke, which use 5-pixel black stroke.To do this, run the following commands: "Edit", then "Stroke" and "5px".
  6. Then exactly the same way around the inside of the text draw another circle.For the inner circle can be used, and a more subtle touch, but you can leave some there - everything will depend on your taste.For the main text you want to create a new layer, where you can either add a new text, or create any graphical symbol.
  7. Some people like to portray on the print so-called effect of wear.To do this, you need to add on a special texture pattern.To do this, we create a new top layer and add the "cloud" with commands "Filter", "Render" and "Clouds" series.Then add "noise" using the "Filter", "Noise" and "Add Noise".Noise parameters can be set to any value, they are usually put at 30-40%.Then choose a new layer and change the mode to "Screen" and look at our "rubbing".
  8. Now combine all the layers, make a copy and rotate it.Here you need to perform a whole range of procedures.First, "Select all" select, then "Edit" and "Copy merged", hereinafter referred to "Edit" - "Paste" and finally, "Edit" - "Transform" - "Rotate".Take a look at the result.This is the easiest way to do printing itself (mu) in Photoshop.As soon as your skills grow, you will be able to do more and more complex printing.

wax seal in Photoshop

For example, you can create complex seals - even wax.Photoshop professional can draw such a seal is so realistic that it is almost indistinguishable from the present - but, of course, only in the picture.To get started you need a pen to draw the outer contour printing.Do wavy wax seal it - and do not forget to close it.Now draw the inner edge of the rim print by switching to the "Exclude Overlapping Path Areas" mode.So we cut out the inner circle of the general form.

Next create a new layer and add a vector mask to it ( "Create vector mask").Fill this layer suitable color, make a copy and keep it under any name.Then we set up the style of the top layer and make the central part of the print, which is inserted in advance and saved a copy of hiding the other forms.Then you have to select the outer contour of the layer and delete it ( "Path selection" - "Delete").Finally, we turn on the visibility of the other layers and customizable styles, and then add any image in the center.

That's it, our print ready.Now you know theoretically how to make prints of any complexity - there were only practicing.