How to respond to the interview ?

How to respond to the interview ?

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How to answer job interview?

In order to successfully pass an interview, it is necessary for him to properly prepare - to choose the appropriate style of dress, manner of communication, to collect more information about the company,in which you are going to get a job.- All this we have already talked in detail in this article.

It is worth pre-rehearse your answers to the most frequently asked questions during the interview.

How should you respond to a job interview: tips

With answers to most questions from applicants, as a rule, difficulties arise.Questions about marital status, education and skills has always answer truthfully.On request: "Tell me all about yourself," it is easy to handle, too - we just have to make a list in advance of the major milestones of his biography.But there still are those particularly tricky issues that many respondents baffled.In order not to drop a clanger, answering questions with a trick, you need to prepare in advanc

e to them the "right" answers.

Why do you want to work for our company?

Needless to say that you really need this job, even if in fact you have been sitting on the rocks and lack of money are willing to grab the first-encountered proposal.Excessive frankness in answering this sensitive issue is simply out of place, but a small portion of subtle flattery could be just what we needed.

Therefore, in conversation, try to gently point out that the search for a new place you come very responsible, because you do not want to work in a company with a dubious reputation, or in such a company, where a good specialist, whom you certainly are no prospectscareer and professional growth.And as a company - a potential employer - all, without exception, have you heard only the most positive reviews, there is nothing surprising in the fact that you always wanted to get a job is in it.

Because, knowing that in such a solid, fast-growing company, which is leader in its field, finally had a free vacancy, you rushed forward to your resume.Get a job in the company, which, in addition to all of the above, renowned for stable high salaries and a caring attitude towards its employees, you feel lucky.

Why did you leave the previous place of employment?

single correct answer to this very tricky question, which is so like to ask all personnel officers simply do not have, but there is absolutely the wrong answer, which naively often give candidates positions.

In no case do not repeat their mistake and if you really want to get a new job, never complain about the work of the previous one.Even if from the last place you drove with the scandal, or more like a team Serpentarium than human society, do not mention it in the interview.Remembering the former director of the tyrant-and-untalented colleagues, you give reason to assume that the new superiors and colleagues you will later respond in a similar way.Does the company wants to have a staff of loyal employees only, so you angry tirade after such will be denied employment.

Nor should mention in conversation that in the old job was a low salary (the conclusion - you are only interested in money) and overly strict discipline (the conclusion - and you're lazy slacker).

If you have been laid off due to the closure of the company, or to reduce staff, you only need to tell the truth.You can also refer to the fact that for some reason you did not hold the previous work schedule or that you in connection with the move has become very difficult to get to the place of the former work.

In an extreme case, you can say that you have outgrown their former position in the professional plan, and opportunities for further career growth in your old place has not been due to the fact that the firm was small and did not plan to expand in the foreseeable future.

Do you have poor quality?

Even a child can understand that an honest answer to this question from the hiring manager you are, in general, and does not wait - who in their right mind would willingly talk about himself all the worst?It is much more important to see how you can get out in this situation.Therefore, answering the question "trick", be very careful in his statements.

Do not immediately claim with aplomb that you are perfection itself, consists of some merit and completely devoid of any flaws - such a response shows only the limitations of the mind and exaggerated self-importance.

But also to recognize that a lot of all kinds of sins and vices, too, is not necessary.So if you dodge you can not give a direct answer, it is better to admit to the existence of such innocent weaknesses that can in no way affect your positive image - for example, you are afraid of the dark, or like to eat at night, and can not deny myself this pleasure.

In addition, mention may be made of such shortcomings, which can be interpreted in two ways, and if you want to turn into advantages, for example, you are a bad hostess and the food you have all of the bags at home, but that's because you are constantly at work to sit up.Or another option: you do not know how to refuse to people and therefore often have to do the work, they say, for two.

What salary do you want us to get?

Do not even try to answer this question is another question: "How much are you willing to pay me?" Because the answer you're unlikely to get.After all, if an ad for a job no specific figure was named, it means that the company employing such a policy in the sphere of employment of its employees.Therefore, if a specific amount previously never made a reservation, you are kindly requested to decide for themselves what salary you would have really arranged.

Giving an answer to this thorny question is not necessary to be guided by a sense of modesty and call clearly underestimated the amount - in the case if you take a job, you may have to work a few years for this little money.

In order not to fall into the other extreme and do not overreact, you must first figure out how such work is paid in your area, and already focusing on the collected information, you can call the minimum wage, for which you are willing to perform such work.

alone are successful responses to all the questions you raised enough to successfully apply for a job.In addition, we must also know how to write a resume and know what is required of applicants post modern employers.On the principles and methods of selection of staff and the rules of resume writing has already commented in detail in our article How to recruit and what to say in the interview.You will also be useful article How to pass an interview.