How to make a resume?

How to make a resume?

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How to make a resume?

summary - it's your business card at the time of the search.Resume is of great importance, because it is for the employer it will make its initial opinion about you as a job seeker.Even if your resume is perfect in content, but executed carelessly or with errors, the impression of you will be spoiled forever.Therefore, pay special attention to how to make a resume.Now we'll give you some advice on this topic.

How correctly to issue summary: the basic rules

When making a resume is necessary to consider some of the details.Keep in mind that in recent years more and more expelled resume in electronic form, so the document should be readable on the screen.If you prefer a paper resume, then print it on good paper of A4 size, it is better on a laser printer, so text will look more presentable.

General points

To properly arrange the resume on a job, use the following parameters for your resume:

  • document format - a single sheet of A4;
  • traditional font - for example, Times or Arial;
  • font size -12-14;
  • field - not less than 2 cm, the employer can make notes;
  • file name - your name, for example, ivanov.doc.If you file titled his word Ā«resumeĀ», then your employer will be forced to look for is your resume among others, because the majority of candidates exactly entitle their resumes;
  • the optimal size of a document - 100-150 kb;

Use MS Word program to resume writing - is the most common format.Not archived file.

clear structure

  • task resume - as clearly as possible and clearly communicate the necessary information to the employer.Therefore, the summary should be made in the same style and as easy as possible.Do not overload it details, graphical information, intricate complex sentences.Do not use frames, vignettes, color font and the more emoticons.Everything has to be clear and to the point.
  • Do not attach the scanned documents such as diplomas, certificates, when it comes to resume electronically.Such files much weight will increase the file.Write additional information, you are ready to send scanned documents as needed.
  • that an employer can quickly navigate to the document, use headings, line spacing, bold and capital letters.To properly arrange resume work, it must be clearly structured.Each section should highlight the line spacing and a large headline, such as "Experience", "Education", "Personal Information".Use bulleted lists if necessary.Do not write everything in a continuous text - so it will be harder to find in the text of the desired information.

On the Internet you can find more than one example, how to make a resume.Select the desired pattern and use it when writing your resume.


Attach a photo, if required by the employer.Please note that the photo should be sharp.Do not insert pictures where you are on vacation, at the bar or on the sea.Also, the photo should have a large size.


It is important to resume was written correctly, ie without errors.If your resume is made perfectly, but there kakirite any error, this fact spoil the impression of you.Be sure to check your document for errors using an automatic check MS Word.If you are unsure of the literacy of your proposal, ask a friend or friends to check out your resume and make their comments and additions.

we discussed the basic requirements and tips on how to draw up a summary.If you are interested in the content of resume, you will be helpful to the article How to make a competent summary.