How to write a resume : a sample

How to write a resume : a sample

At the wrong approach to resume writing can lose the desired location, and can be obtained, but not with the salary which the applicant expects.For those who are looking for information on how to write a resume, we offer a sample of the document.

Basic requirements for any resume:

  1. ideal literacy, a single font and color of the letters without any artistic elements;
  2. Statement of applicant data in an orderly fashion;
  3. coverage of all issues that may be of interest of the employer and present in a favorable light specialist.

Sample CV with explanations

Personal data

  1. Last name, first name __________
  2. Born ___________ (you can write "age" and specify the number of full years of the applicant)
  3. Marital status _________________ (married, single, unmarried, indivorce, divorced, widowed)
  4. Children ________________ (son, daughter, age)

Contact information

  1. Address ________________ (city / town, state, street, house, building, apartment)
  2. Phone ___________________ (the cell in the form +7
    (9xx) XXX-XX-XX, a home in the form XXXX city code followed by the phone number).
  3. E-mail: __________________
  4. ISQ_____________________
  5. Skype___________________

purpose of resumes

If you want to resume the most correct, pay close attention to this point, it is important.It should be clearly stated goal - to "get the post of ..." are also worth to register personal goals that relate to specific operating parameters, its directions, etc.

Example: "I want to find a prestigious and interesting work in progress which will be able to realize the full.your creativity. It is desirable to have the opportunity for professional growth, training and development. I also want to have a decent salary, which would allow to give all the power his favorite occupation. "

basic and additional education

It lists all institutions that the applicant was finishing post-secondary school.


  1. 2000 - 2002: Polytechnic College of the Ivanovo, Department of Chemical Analysis;
  2. 2002 - 2007: Institute of Chemical Technology Moscow, Department of laboratory research department analysis.Full-time education;
  3. 2007 - 2011: Academy of Management and Business, St. Petersburg, Enterprise Management Faculty, Department of innovative projects.Extramural studies.

information on further education, employers are always studying the most carefully, because the presence of training during the working process suggests an effort to develop employee.Further education is necessary to register after the main which are marked "Supplementary education".Example:

  1. 2008 - The seminar on new technologies for the production of the synthetic product, Moscow, RI "PKHT";
  2. 2009 - training on personnel management and team building, city of Novosibirsk Scientific Center "Flight";
  3. 2010 - a refresher course at the Scientific Institute of Polymeric Materials, St. Petersburg.


Here you must specify in the reverse order of employment (ie starting with the last to the first), which can positively influence the reception of the desired new position.It is also necessary to register their professional duties at each point.Example:

  1. from 2012 to present - LLC "Interprom Development", leading specialist.Responsibilities - development projects in the parameters of the customer, the organization of work of 25 employees, the economic rationale of future profits.
  2. 2010 - 2012 years - the scientific association "Alliance", a senior research fellow.Duties - The organization studies the distribution of responsibilities between the staff of the department, supervision of works on research, development and preparation of cost estimates.
  3. 2007 - 2010 - scientific association "Alliance", a junior researcher.Responsibilities - Preparation of materials and components for research, design and preparation of reporting documentation.

Additional skills and achievements

This section describes all the skills that increase your value as an employee.Tell us about the level of computer skills, the programs in which you are working freely.Specify language skills, driving license.If there is a winner awards in various competitions of professional skills, they must be specified first.

Personal qualities

and complete your resume must be the section "Additional information about yourself" or "Personal qualities".Here tell us that you can easily learn new things, which perfectly come together with people that non-conflict, careful, careful, have a proactive stance, etc.

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